hbbtv for XBMC?

In Europe the "next" Videotext" named HBB-TV is coming fast and is already supported by most of the big television companies. Since it is Web based it demands a quite responsive Webkit to make fun. Some Linux based set-top boxes already have beta support for HBB-TV like my good old Deambox 800se. But with its limited hardware capabilities there never will be a real the AHA effect. Although the idea of context web information for the live TV program is very interesting.
I guess a support for XBMC live TV as a plugin or native support would be a real killer feature for many guys using the live-TV branch now and in future.

Are there any plans to implement this new standard in XBMC Live-branch or the new Frodo Master? Or already ongoing development in any kind?


nothing that i know of. and webkit = huge afaik
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I have read that it might be possible to use the new Opera for embedded for HBB-TV as a webkit to mix the Web content into the live TV picture.

here is a good demonstration video showing Opera in action and HBB-TV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53sCPei3o7E

I'm using it on my Deambox for some time now and HBB-TV is developing beautifull. No doubt it will be the next "Videotext" standard of the future.

A plugin for XBMC of any kind would be a huge plus for using live TV on XBMC..
Do you think there is something possible with Opera and XBMC?

In case you need more information:
and gerally

You would have to embed a small HTTP layout engine like WebKit2 in XBMC first, and then add an open source HbbTV framework library.

Framework should also be backwards compatible with the older CE-HTML / CEA-2014 (HTML4 and CSS based) standard used before HbbTV.

There is a good article that sums up HbbTV concept quite well http://www.realtech.co.za/realwiki.php?t...et-top_box

Reading this http://www.scoop.it/t/hbbtvand more HbbTV is probably the largest competitor to XBMC today, with a many new set-top boxes and TV sets using that platform.

Sure integrating a web browser engine like an embedded WebKit would be a lot of work, though it would add a lot of benefits to XBMC too.

It would also add possibility of having HTML5 and Flash based addons in XBMC, however that is of course unrelated to PVR support.

But then again I do not think that a request for HbbTV support falls under PVR anyway, in reality it is just a Web based GUI framework(?)
It is very PVR related, as (apart from the browser component) you need to interpter AIT tables that are transmitted in the DVB stream - these tables carry information about available HbbTv applications. Said applications can also be transported in the DVB stream.

Quote:Framework should also be backwards compatible with the older CE-HTML / CEA-2014 (HTML4 and CSS based) standard used before HbbTV.
Does anyone even use it? AFAIK all HbbTv content is xhtml.
Any plans to add hbbtv support to xbmc?
nope, no plans yet - at least none that I know of. First thing to do would be to add a HTML engine to XBMC I guess and only if that works well one could even think about adding hbbtv stuff. Unfortunately a HTML engine like webkit would add extra 10 MB min to XBMC (at least the libs where that huge when I had a look)
Quote:Unfortunately a HTML engine like webkit would add extra 10 MB min to XBMC
Why 10 MB is really problem? I don't think this is any big thing and there are also other benefits, not only hbbtv displaying. But, if webkit stuff can cause problems on some devices, it does not have to be supported there.

I can accept 10 MB extra on my PC or Raspberry PI, it's not any problem.
Are there some news about a HTML engine or a hbbtv support for xbmc? Because in europe the most tv broadcaster offers a huge amount of videos on there hbbtv pages.
Seems no one works on it currently.
(2013-03-23, 11:57)da-anda Wrote: HTML engine like webkit would add extra 10 MB min to XBMC

Why not as optional download (plugin/addon...) ?
because we don't support binary (precompiled) addons yet. But work on this is done atm, so a webkit/browser addon would be possible once binary addons are working
And what about offering two XBMC versions / a patch for people who compile XBMC by theirself?
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It's more complicated than that, HbbTV includes the CE-HTML, and since version 1.4 it includes a library OIPF, which themselves are not Open Source.
Today it will be very complicated to reproduce a Webkit 100% compatible to the HbbTV because it will create a version for different processor that is able to handle resizing the screen, or the connection to the "DVB".
Not to mention the background transparent all compatible boxes in use DirectFB.

The only solution is to contact OperaTV to make a kind of partnership, and hope that develops a version compatible with the functions of XBMC and who will execute the queries sent by OperaTV (resizing the screen, PVR applications)...

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