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Hopefully most of you are aware that Tvheadend is now a community project and while Andreas (andoma) is still around he's not actively developing. But we now have a small team who are trying to push TVH forwards. We're still finding our feet but hopefully we're making progress.

We are pleased to announce that the first release from the new team has now entered a beta phase. We feel fairly confident that's it's reached a point that its stable enough to alert the wider community and get more people testing. However with any new software update we do expect to find bugs and indeed that (along with documentation) will be the focus for the coming weeks.

Pre-built deb's for Ubuntu can be found here: . We do hope to offer more packages in the future, but for now should you need to build a specific package the source is here: and if you ask nicely on IRC #hts, you might find someone already has the package you require.

This release is a mixture of bug fixes (to try and address some of the many outstanding issues that have been languishing in redmine) and some new feature updates.

- Muxer framework: we now have a new muxer framework that will make it possible for us to record (and HTTP stream) using multiple container formats. Currently the only support formats are MKV (the default) and TS (using pass-through option). However this may change in the future.

- TS recording: this was a much request feature and thanks to the above we can now once again support it. Simply select the container format in the DVR configuration tab.

- EPG rewrite: the EPG code has had a significant rewrite, this includes a new structure for storing the data internally and in addition lots of new metadata. most notably it includes information about series link and episode ids (where available from the EPG provider) to allow for series recording and duplicate detection. Unfortunately at this stage series recording is only possible from TVH web UI since mods are still needed to XBMC-PVR that will not happen until post Frodo.

- EPG grabbers: in addition to the EPG database update, the grabber framework has been improved. The EIT grabber has been extended, and additional over the air grabbers have been added for Freesat/view (UK) and OpenTV (Sky UK/IT/AU). There is also an external (unix domain socket) XMLTV interface that allows external (cron) running of XMLTV scripts that can then feed data into Tvheadend if more complex control is required. Also more fields from XMLTV are now parsed (included dd_progid episode numbering for those users that have access).

- HTSPv6: the HTSP protocol (used between XBMC and Tvheadend) has been updated. Most of the focus has been on improving EPG performance at this stage, since we were mostly locked in to what XBMC-PVR currently supports. Though we hope to make further changes post Frodo. However the EPG import changes should mean a considerable performance improvement for those using recent pvr.hts addon from This includes latest OpenELEC git builds (not sure about official beta's).

- SignalStatus: this has now been added back into HTSP, so hopefully that will make some people happy Wink

Any problems found should be reported to, or if you're not sure try asking in forums or #hts IRC channel. Please do check existing issue reports before adding a new one though, to avoid creating duplicates.

If there are features you'd like to have added please feel free to stick them on redmine, however I can give no promises about stuff that will get done etc...

The Tvheadend Team
Just realised...

before people get confused the 3.2 beta deb's are still numbered 3.1.X, there is a very good reason for this that I won't go into here. But I assure you those deb's are correct.

Great news (and very professional appearance adam!). Will try it out soon Smile
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Thanks for the reply in my thread and this post is great news.

Btw the link in your post to the launchpad page doesn't work.
Damn thing included the full stop in the URL, try now.
I could open a new thread or just post here....

Under EPG Grabber I've selected Disabled in Basic Config and ticked Module, OpenTV: SkyUK and EIT: DVB Grabber. Saved the changes. What happens next?

How do I clear the previous XMLTV EPG so I know that OpenTV is working?
The simplest (and most reliable) way is to stop TVH, delete the EPG database file (.hts/tvheadend/epgdb.v2) and then restart TVH.

But another way would be to click on an entry in the web UI EPG window that you know is part of a series, say Eastenders, and see if you get an option to "Record Series" or "Autorec". If the former you're almost certainly getting opentv info, if the later you're probably still using XMLTV data.


opentv import should only take 1-2 mins, so if you don't get anything pretty quickly let me know. You need to have the opentv mux enabled (11778000 V).

Added the two EPG channels and tuned into one of the, EPG poured in instantly and it all looks full from what I can see and the debug said the opentv epg was complete.

Also showing record series now.

Brilliant work!
Hi Adam,
You've pointed me towards these more recent builds some days ago and this fixed the IPTV recording segfaults I had on 2.99. I've since also been able to run tvh on Synology NAS thanks to Diaoul's packaging.
I am now trying to setup epg and my povider happens to generates .xmltv files directly ( ).
Is there any simple way to use this file with TVH without setting up a full blown XMLTV?
Cool nice to see some people pushing tvheadend forward. by far my favourite TV Backend.
big thx.
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yes, you can either use something like tv_grab_file (I think) or you can enable the external (unix domain socket) interface and dump the file into that. It needs properly documenting (my task for the week). But simple instructions are:

Config->EPG grab->External interfaces->XMLTV, check the box (note the path) and hit save settings.

then you can setup a cron job (or manually) run something like:

curl XMLTV_URL | nc -U PATH

where XMLTV_URL is the link you posted above and PATH is the path noted from the EPG grab config tab. Also netcat has a couple of variants which mean the -U can sometimes be -u. So might need to check the netcat manpage.

I also, am trying to use the OpenTV EPG from Sky. I previously was using an xmltv script, so all my channels have xmltv|..blah.. as the EPG Grab Source. No non-XMLTV source seems available despite ticking the boxes as above.
I have tried removing the EPG Grab source from some channels and have deleted the epg DB.

Still nothing. I have a feeling I've missed something small here.

This is a failing in the documentation. You can't "link" OTA EPG sources, there is no need since they are implicitly linked to the DVB services (since its all part of the same system). You only need to manually link things like XMLTV since there is not always a direct relationship between XMLTV channels (by name) and the DVB services.

If you're not receiving any EPG data from opentv, then you probably don't have the relevant mux enabled. It's 11778000 V. Also if you don't require the sky subs channels and only FTA, then consider using the Freesat module, the info is better. Mux is 11427000 H I think.

Thanks you your help.

I have cleared my xmltv config, and definitely have that mux enabled, but no EPG data. I guess a fresh install might be worth considering, but don't really want to have to do the channel numbering and weeding out of rubbish/adult channels again.
Easiest thing will be to pop along to the IRC channel (#hts).

Will be easier to offer help interactively.

Well.. I had restarted TVH a number of times.. nothing. Reboot the server and voila - EPG data!

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