i found a grat subtitle website (( )) and i tried to put it in XBMC but i didnot find it in the list of subtitles providers
can you please tell me how to add it to the list of XBMC-subtitles

thank you
look at how other services are added in then submit PR to once done and I'll include it in the next release
that means programming in python trucer...
Always read the XBMC Online Manual,Frequently Asked Questions and search the forum before posting.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting use -> Log file.

this is a bit of a revive but, i guess no one has done anything about this?

I find subtitleseeker very often have subs in my native language (norwegian) and it would be great to have it added to xbmc Smile
I like to see it added to xbmc for searching dutch subtitles, since did stop yesterday.
(2013-11-27, 18:42)hstegeman Wrote: I like to see it added to xbmc for searching dutch subtitles, since did stop yesterday.

Would be great indeed! Bierdopje was THE subtitle website for dutch subtitles, and now that they are gone, it is kind of a hassel to find the right subs.
So please include this one!Big Grin
I am not a Python programmer, but Subtitleseeker does provide an API
+1 Anyone working on getting this implemented?
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I tried to get an API key from the developers of the site, but it has passed more than a week and they have still not responded. If they ever do, I will try though.
Also tried to request one without luck so far.

Will it be possible with the link searchers?
That would require parsing the HTML. Possible but neither efficient nor easy.
Thanks to schumi2004 I found a working API key, and started development on this addon a couple of days ago. I however noticed a couple of deficiencies with SubtitleSeeker, enough to make me stop the development Sad
  • It doesn't have any info about if the sub is Hearing Impaired
  • It doesn't have a moviehash (aka. the plugin won't be able to display if the sub is synced or not)
  • It only indexes subtitles, it doesn't store them

About the last point:
This means that I/the creator would have to manually add download support for every subtitle site that SubtitleSeeker supports, which is both time consuming and hard to manage.

However, the 2 first points makes this plugin pretty much very inferior to a standard single-site plugin anyway. I think too much for anyone to want to use it.

Here is a link to the code that I currently have, most of it is taken from the OpenSubtitles plugin. All that I managed to do before I discovered these deficiencies was to create a very basic seach function for imdb id, so don't expect a full plugin.
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