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ati5450 ... not responding after approx 1 hour
Hi all,

I recently installed a 5450 into my media pc. Its taken a lot of load off the cpu, brought temps down and increased performance. However, after approximately one hour sometimes upto two. Xbmc stops responding.. i have to close it and start again, then its fine for another hour.

Can anyone shed light on this? Latest catalyst, xbmc and ffdshow.

This is highly annoying and i would appreciate any insight
need debug logs
Link: debug log (wiki) - will tell you how to find it and what to do with it.
Struggling to post the debug logs due to the size limit on paste bin, but from reading the Wiki I should be looking for errors or warnings, and there doesnt appear to be any?

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ati5450 ... not responding after approx 1 hour00