[Windows] XBMC no Sound in Windows 7
Hi all.

Downloaded XBMC installed it, tested it, loved it. So I decided it is time for me to move on since XBMC is all I need on my pc and uninstalled Winamp.

Now I don't have any sound in XBMC. It is not on mute, I haven't changed any settings. Have tested other apps ( VLC, WMP ) sound works fine.

I have a normal 2.1 Speaker setup so not to much to go into there. THQ runs on my system, but it worked before.

Got Realtec HD on-board sound card.

XBMC Audio Stream is set to Stereo an Audio Output is Analog.

Can anybody please help me.

Check whether audio output device is selected in the xbmc audio settings. Also check Windows volume mixer for xbmc volume level.
Audio output device is set to Analog. Volume is set on full.
Problem solved.

At system settings. Audio output device changed for some reason. Changed it back to default (primary sound driver).

All is well again in the happy land of XBMC.

Big Grin
I have the similar problem, and i tried every single output device, and still no luck! Any other suggestions?
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