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readding corner video to videos section
hi i have been trying to readd the corner video when in the menu, but i cannot figure it out, there is another thread referencing this but it is vague and references windows that arnt in the includes file.

the common now playing section has this in it >

Quote: <include name="CommonNowPlaying">
<control type="group">
<visible>![Window.IsVisible(Videos) + Control.IsVisible(56)]</visible>
<visible>![Window.IsVisible(Videos) + Control.IsVisible(500)]</visible>
<visible>![Window.IsVisible(MusicLibrary) + Control.IsVisible(500)]</visible>
<visible>![Window.IsVisible(MusicLibrary) + Control.IsVisible(56)]</visible>
<visible>![Window.IsVisible(MusicFiles) + Control.IsVisible(500)]</visible>

removing the musicfiles line removes it from the music section, but i cannot seem to readd it to the video section, what is the video files section called exactly ?
in a post jezz made it is called "videolibrary" but i cannot find that in the code anywhere.

im basically trying to get pm3 working on my winxp machine again as without the preview version i cannot use the latest version of xbmc (it breaks playback on my box). i have compared code from earlier versions of the skin and still have not found any clues to how it was removed. any help appreciated with this as its mashing my brains.
Its not that hard if you know how
Your in the right spot but the wrong section
You need to go down a little in the xml file and find the <visible>Player.HasVideo</visible> not the auto one you found

Then just under that you will see these 2 controls
PHP Code:
            <control type="image">
control type="videowindow">
What you need to do is remove the visible conditions <visible>!Window.IsVisible(Videos)</visible> and then it will appear again (once you reload the skin or restart xbmc)

But ............
You will then see the reason why I removed it because the buttons in the video window are over the top of it so you will need to open up MyVideoNav.xml and remove a few of the buttons you don't use which are contained in the group <control type="group" id="9000">
awesome works a treat!

i spent a whole day and night trying to figure it out, i have just removed the partymode buttons as i dont use them (not even sure what party mode is, and dont have partys).

the newest version of xbmc works a treat on xp now with my favourite skin! cheers.
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