Linux TVH sometimes stops recording halfway through a programme for no apparent reason?
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At the danger of cross-posting, I thought I'd mention this here as well just in case. The summary is that tvheadend sometimes just gives up writing the recording to disc - but otherwise thinks it's still recording, and writes to syslog as if it had done everything perfectly. It's just that I'm left with only half a recording, which is a little irking.

More details here.

There's nothing in the log files to say anything went wrong, it doesn't happen every time, there's no obvious cause - the file simply stops early.

Any thoughts very much appreciated!
No-one else? Interesting... it hasn't happened to me for the past few days, so maybe it was an issue with a previous version of the code, or sometihng else on the PC was being disagreeable. I've left debugging switched on, though, so let's see if it happens again at any point.
At the risk of talking to myself, it happened again yesterday, so I've a bit more information this time... full report here.

I've got an example where I only got the end of a programme (not the beginning, as before), but found some debug errors around "no available descrambler" and then "no such file or directory" as tvh tries to create the output file... except this isn't a scrambled channel, nothing else was playing or recording, so the tuner had free reign. It just didn't start recording, even though it tried to start on time.

If anyone thinks they can shed any light, please have a look at the link above and let me know your thoughts!
Its not channel five it it? I have noticed that films that have the five minute news in the middle, the second half does not get recorded.
That is a very different problem I think and relates to the way C5 list their EPG data. It's something I still need to understand how to work around.


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TVH sometimes stops recording halfway through a programme for no apparent reason?0
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