Splash Screen Video Support?
i like the current support for a splash screen, but it's limited to just static images. i know it's possible to load an intro video through the use of a python script, but that seems to play only after the xbmc has loaded. it would be nice to be able to use a splash video as a sort of faux flubber replacement (some bioses allow for the stock animation & "x" logo to be disabled).

apologies if this has already been covered (i did search) or if there is an alternative way of doing what i've described.

thanks Smile
Hi all,
i want my application to start up with a splash video in mp4 or avi format instead of a png file. Can this be done. In code where i should change.

Thanks in advance.
no, this cannot easily be achieved. you would have to create a new player class that is independent on the app internals - after all the splash is shown while the application is initing.
hey thanks for the reply. well can i do the following thing.
1. when the player loads there will be no splash screen.
2. upon the load the player will play a startup video, but the player frame and all other control frames will be invisible, only the video will be played.
3. after the video is finished the video frame and control will be visible.

can this be done and how?
thanks in advance.
well, yes-ish. you would
1) disable the splash screen in code / simply by removing the splash.png
2) expand the startupwindow code to allow playing a video, thus having the skin immediately jump to the fullscreen video window.
is there any way so that i can disable the control menu during playback so that in full screen view users cannot pause or increase/decrease volume etc.
Thanks in advance.
Hello All,

I'm fairly new to XBMC but i have a question regarding the splash.

Is it possible to have a short video as splash?
No, needs to be static image iirc.

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