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Release [MOD] AniDB.net scrapers for TV shows and Movies
Thanks again.

(2013-10-03, 17:50)scudlee Wrote: First, because anidb treats each season as a separate series, each Bakuman series would need to be in it's own named folder: Bakuman., Bakuman. (2011), and Bakuman. (2012). Having them all under one (parent) folder won't work.

Each episode then needs to be named as being season 1 of it's respective "series". So the first episode of Bakuman. (2011) would be numbered (e.g.) s01e01.

I see. It's a shame that most database websites and therefore scraping scripts conform to the dialect of US English. Most other nations, such as Britain, call the separate "seasons" in a show (what you call series), series. Yes, it all gets rather confusing. But, for the sake of my media centre, I suppose I will have to rename my folders. Cool Won't take long. Although then again, I don't understand why databases/scripts can't use seasons/series interchangeably. Wink Probably because of the confusion with different English outside the US saying "series" for a different purpose.

Hmm, I see what you mean with regard to different folders if it's just the way that AniDB works. I usually keep things organised and recursive, but I'll change my anime organisation and let you know how it goes.

(2013-10-03, 17:50)scudlee Wrote: In your advancedsettings.xml (wiki), with the other custom tvshowmatching regexps

(2013-10-03, 17:50)scudlee Wrote: I have no idea what this means. If you're referring to the advancedsettings.xml, then that needs to be in your userdata (wiki) folder. Any other xml files associated with the scraper do not need moving or copying anywhere.

Yeah, the regex stuff confused me for a while. Whilst I have worked with basic regex in the past, I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to put the regex into the advancedsettings.xml or into its respective XML file. What I mean is that I downloaded a rather large advancedsettings.xml with much better scraping regex. It's already placed in my userdata and works well. Now, at the part where you said you don't understand me, what I was referring to was your anime-list.xml from your first post. I placed the XML file itself into userdata, but I now realise this hasn't made a difference since I was supposed to (from what I understand) edit advancedsettings.xml itself. Can I just paste this regex at the end of that XML file, despite the fact it already has some regex by somebody else. I was just worried about conflicts is all.

I also have one other question. Is there any way to force AniDB title scraping to be English? I'm not sure if the English titles are always on AniDB. It doesn't really matter though. I just edit the titles afterwards, since my friends probably would never remember many of the Japanese titles.
I agree, things can get a little linguistically challenging.

Anidb treats each series (UK) as it its own series (US), rather than as individual seasons (US) of a single show (UK)... Clear as mud.Tongue

For your advancedsettings.xml, the general rule-of-thumb is to just copy the stuff you don't already have into the bits you do already have.
So, you should already have <advancedsettings> tags top and bottom of your xml, so you don't need to copy them, just copy the contents in between into your own. But then, if you already have a <tvshowmatching> tag, just copy the contents (the <regexp>s) into yours. (If you have two, copy into the one with same action attribute). The order of the <regexp>s do matter, though, as the first match is the one used, so you may need to shuffle things around (and don't be afraid to remove regexps that you'll never need).

To get English titles, in the scraper settings under the "AniDB 1" tab select the "Use official name instead of main name" setting (and make sure the language code is "en").

You don't need to worry about the anime-list.xml. The scraper knows what to do with it Wink.
(2013-09-27, 16:36)scudlee Wrote: Re-check the repository as sometimes a newly added repository takes a while to populate.

If it's still empty, try going back to the list of installed repositories and doing a "Force refresh" from the context menu ('c' or right mouse-click).

Hi again, and thanks for the answer.

I have not had time to do more about this since I wrote last time.
But that makes the repository no longer "newly added", and it is still empty, and force refresh helps not.
So I think I will try a reinstall. Should not be a terrible thing as I have my database on MySQL on the network.

But I would like to confirm best practice.

I plan to download and install the latest XBMC.
Setup MySQL and sources
Download scudlee's zip repository and "add from zip file in XBMC under get add-ons.
install other scrappers and skins.

Is this the correct way or did I forget something before the zip file, like installing the original anidb scrapper?

Thanks in advance
I just realized there are two more pages after the one I replied on above.
After reading the two pages, I think I will add how I have managed my collection with the original anidb scrapper so far.
I hope it may be of use to somebody, at least maybe in answering my questions in the further Smile

First I installed a MySql server on my Ubuntu server, and made XBMC use it by the advancesettings file. This way any xbmc installation on my network has the info as soon as it is scrapped the first time.
I had a folder named anime on a network share. I added that share in XBMC as a source of TV shows, that uses the anidb scrapper.

I then ran all my files trough the anidb client "http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=applet". The client is configured to move and rename files to the anime folder. It will make folder for new series based on main title on anidb,
I use this as my script:

Trunc(str, len):=$repl(%str%, ".{" $len($repl(%str%, "(.?){" %len% "}$", "")) "}$", "")
TruncEllipse(str, len):= { $len(%str%) = $len($Trunc(%str%, %len%)) ? %str% : $Trunc(%str%, %len%) "…" }

AT:=[%ATr%,%ATe%]                  #anime title english for romanji
ET:=[%ETe%,%ETr%]                                              #episode title (english or romanji)
ET:=$TruncEllipse(%ET%,"64")                                   #truncate long titles
GT:="[" [%GTs%,%GTl%] "]"                                      #group tag (short or long)
CRC:="[" [%FCrc%] "]"

EpNoPad:=$pad(%EpNo%,$max($len(%EpHiNo%),$len(%EpCount%)),"0") #episode number padding
EpNoPad:="ep"%EpNoPad%                                         #add "ep" in front
EpNoPad:=$repl(%EpNoPad%,'ep[sS]',"S00E0")                     #rename specials from "epS" to "S00E"

Src:="["%Source%"]"                                            #set [source] e.g. [Blu-ray]
Ver:={%Ver%="1"?"":"v"%Ver%}                                   #set version if appliccable
Res:="["%FVideoRes%"]"                                         #set resolution e.g. [1280x720]

MEpNo:={%ET%="Complete Movie"?%EpNoPad% %Ver%:%EpNoPad% %Ver%" - "%ET%} #Only show title when not "Complete Movie"

Movie := %AT%" "%MEpNo%" "%Res%%Src%%GT%%CRC%                       #for movies set to "animetitle ep01 [resolution][source][group]
Other := %AT%" "%EpNoPad% %Ver% " - "%ET%" "%Res%%Src% %GT%%CRC%    #all else set to "animetitle ep## - episode title [resolution][source][group]

FileName:= {%Type% = "Movie"? %Movie% : %Other%}               #check if the file is a movie or not and rename appropiately

The files will get ep before there numbers as ep01 ep02 and so on. Specials it will rename to s00e01 etc.
In each folder I place a tvshow.nfo file. Se more about it here http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=64587&page=55
With files Anidb client do not know, I have to ad ep manually before the number to get it to work.

After that XBMC will find my files and add them when I scan my anime folder for new content.

I use the transparency skin, and have installed the artwork downloader add-on. I run that from time to time, and my serie folders will get a new folder named extrafanart with pics, that will work as fanart when I browse my collection, and be used by my screensaver. But there will usually always be one poster and one fanart from scrapping it the first time.

It will give me 3 series for Bakuman and not one with 3 seasons, but I have chosen to live with that. would be cool if we could group them as set's or collection like they do in the movie scrapper, wich is btw. the scrapper I use for anime movies. Those I have in another folder named anime_movies. Added as a movie source using a movie scrapper and folder named with (year) af movie name.


Now I have added a new share named anime_2013 and I plan to do so from now on, as one big folder to scan has it disadvantages.
I works for me so far, but I seem to be banned very easily on anidb.net when I scan so I want to try the 2.1.0 but having installation problems.
I can't honestly say why the repo isn't loading for you. I'd suggest uninstalling and reinstalling just the repo before doing a full "clean slate". Maybe re-download the zip file as well, just in case.

If all else fails you can always download the zip file at https://github.com/ScudLee/scudlee-xbmc-addons (big button bottom-right), and then manually place the three "metadata" folders directly into your addons folder (as in /addons/metadata.tvshows.anidb.net.mod/ etc., and not /addons/some.other.folder/metadata.tvshows.anidb.net.mod/).

If you're using the anidb client to rename you files, I recommend looking at the rules linked to in the first post (assuming you get the Mod installed). They handle a few edge cases, rename OPs and EDs/Trailers/etc. which the Mod scraper can also handle, and separates movies out for the movie scraper. If you change the Regular variable to "ep", Special to "S00E" and Separator to " ", the file names would mostly look the same as your current set-up.
As I was prepared for a reinstall I skipped ahead and got you full zip file.

After adding it, I went in xbmc to change the scrapper on my source, and there it was.
I found the feature I was most interested in as well. The delay parameter. It was configured to 1. But you stated in the first post that default was 125, so I changed it to that.
And now it is scanning with a speed, that could objectively be compared to a lacy teenager cleaning up his room. Wink

But I am no longer being banned, it seems. So thank you very much. Big Grin
125 is the default for the movie scraper (which definitely needs delaying).

I would have suggested trying it without setting the delay as I would go out on a limb and suggest that the reason you were being banned using the original scraper was because you were using the Google search option (possibly). I suspect that as the main cause for a lot of issues, since switching to Google would be one of the few ways to get the scraper to even recognize newer shows. The Google search was "bad" as it would call the anidb api for each google hit, thus causing a ban for too many calls too quick. I've mostly rewritten that option to avoid this (although the default search in the mod is kept up to date so you don't need it).

Of course, you may not have done that, and your frequent bans were caused by something else, and you may legitimately need the delay. 125 is probably a bit high though, since you have the episodes being added which naturally delays things (something the movie scraper doesn't have).
Hi scudlee,

Thanks for the great xbmc scraper which makes anime useable in xbmc.

I had a quick question.

I was wondering how often you refresh https://raw.github.com/ScudLee/anime-lis...titles.xml.

I run into this issue sometimes that the official http://anidb.net/api/animetitles.xml.gz is up to date obviously, but your copy isn't, so it can't index recent additions to anidb.

Like today the one on your github <!-- Created: Sat Oct 5 02:00:35 2013 (7922 anime, 43323 titles) -->
And the official one on anidb <!-- Created: Fri Oct 11 02:00:27 2013 (7936 anime, 43411 titles) -->

As soon as I downloaded and extracted the official one and replaced the file in "~/.xbmc/scrapers/metadata.tvshows.anidb.net.mod" it indexed the new content correctly.

Maybe updating it once a day would be a good thing.
I normally refresh the list about once a week (roughly), however I should have remembered that things do get a bit wonky during the start of a new season regarding official titles, so I probably should have stepped it up just recently.

I'll try to update it more frequently (I'm not promising daily, though).

(Pro-tip: The anidb URL you put in your post fits nicely into the "Anime List URL" field in the scraper settings...)
(2013-10-11, 16:38)scudlee Wrote: I normally refresh the list about once a week (roughly), however I should have remembered that things do get a bit wonky during the start of a new season regarding official titles, so I probably should have stepped it up just recently.

I'll try to update it more frequently (I'm not promising daily, though).

(Pro-tip: The anidb URL you put in your post fits nicely into the "Anime List URL" field in the scraper settings...)

Hi scudlee,

I tried using it and it failed, I don't think it likes the .gz format.
No, it definitely works.

I used to use it with the old scraper, and I just quickly gave it another go now with the mod, and it still works.

(That's copying the URL exactly, with the .gz extension.)
I've found no reference in this thread about the trakt scraper (and honestly I don't know if this can be considered a trakt issue or an anidb scraper issue..). Anyway here is the problem:
"Sequels" are considered by the trakt scraper as first seasons and not second,third seasons etc. .. meaning trakt will mark watched 3 times ep 1x01 for watching 1x01, 2x01, 3x01 (since in XBMC they are all 1x01 under different shows).. I doubt I'm the first one to notice that.
I thought that the "use tvdb absolute order from mapping list" from 2.1.0 would solve this issue but that don't seems the case.
Is there a setting I have not noticed? Have I to submit this issue to the trakt plugin devs? Or is this, as I fear, an unsolvable problem?

Thanks Smile
Hi, I tryed your scraper, but I have a problem... he can find all my anime series, that great, but when I go to tv shows, I see shows, but not episodes Sad
I didnt change filenames etc, so they are like [HorribleSubs] BlazBlue - Alter Memory - 02 [720p].mkv etc.
Any help how its possible to make this works please? its the only thing that I cant make it work in xbmc Sad

@Xelloss: No, the trakt script pretty much needs you to have your shows in the tvdb order. Although you can store tvdb id with the scraper, obviously as you've seen, it just means each series gets treated as the first season. (The scraper also will never support tvdb numbering, because by that point you may as well just use the tvdb scraper.)

Theoretically, if you stored the anidb id, a modified trakt script could take that and use the anime-list.xml to translate the episode number (just as the scraper does)... But that's beyond me, though.

@Sp4rh4wk: You need to have an advancedsettings.xml (wiki) containing custom tvshowmatching rules in order to deal with those file names.

My recommendation (as ever) is to use the anidb client with the rules provided in the first post to rename your files, and use the tvshowmatching rules also in the first post. This will get you ~99.9% success with the scraper.

If you don't want to rename all your files, this rule will cover HS (and probably many other) releases:
  <tvshowmatching action="prepend">
    <regexp> - ()(\d+)((?:-\d+)*)(?:v\d+)? \[[^\\/]*$</regexp>
(See this post for the general idea behind making this rule).

Alternatively, try adding this generalized regexp by Sesshoumaru.

Without renaming, though, you will potentially run into issues with things like special episodes and also some series that anidb splits but that the fansubbers don't.
I don't get this. I've added a bunch of anime shows to the source's folder. It scans the majority of folders and adds entries okay, but with no episodes in all except two. And it used to scrape many of these fine with all episodes. I have no idea about what to do. Movie scraping seems to be working okay. But for the TV shows, for me it's broken. I tried using the original AniDB (non-mod) scraper, but I have the same problem, so it isn't specific to your modded scraper.
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