[SUGGESTION] Track user's HW config
I mostly hang out in the "hardware" forum, which mostly consists of two types of threads:
1. Help me debug my system
2. Help me decide on HW to buy

I think we can make handling both of these types of requests easier by asking xbmc.org users for information related to their HW configuration. Specifically, a user would document what hardware they are running XBMC on. This would be selected from a set of known platforms (ATV, G-Box, ID80, etc.) or a custom configuration which would allow them to specify cpu/mb/ram/etc. They might also specify what version of XBMC they use, and how well it works. I'm sure it would be a ton of work to create and maintain these lists of hardware - but crowd-sourcing our users is probably the only way to do it in a scalable way.

How this would help XBMC:
1. When a user needs to create a "help me debug" type post, they don't have to go into detail about their system - it's already available in their profile. This prevents all the never ending rounds of "tell us more about your setup".
2. A user could potentially seek out other users who have the same or similar hardware as they have.
3. A "known good" list of hardware could be compiled
4. XBMC devs can track with some accuracy what hardware platforms are popular. This could help with targeting development effort, attracting/maintaining sponsors, etc.
5. End users, especially new ones, can gravitate towards more popular (i.e "stable") hardware setups.

It would also be possible to automatically gather such information from within the XBMC software, and report it back to xbmc.org - either anonymously or by having the user log in to their account. It seems to me "nicer" to make it manual and completely voluntary via the web site.
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