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Yeah I really should have documented this change better.

Hopefully though the idea is clear that I've split the config from the scripts to make it easier for people to customise config and avoid these problems in future.

I'm having a situation were i can't find the solution for.
Recently i'm using HD streams provided by my provider but on some shows the picture goes to 4:3 instead of 16:9 which results in vertical black bars. (only happens on LiveTV)
I changed settings on my TV to auto fit picture, i changed this also in XBMC with all available options also Non Linear Stretch without luck.
It's not on every broadcast but some of them and it happens once a day. Is there something i can do about this, is this TVHeadend releated or a XBMC issue?
Another tip for configuring adapters prior to tvheadend starting.

I use Sundtek Media Pro and SkyTV Ultimate USB DVB adapters for free-view and satellite tv..

The Pro is capable of both DVB-T and DVB-C modes for Terrestrial and Cable signals. I use it as a DVB-T for free-view in NZ.
It needs to be configured to DVB-T mode prior to tvheadend starting.

I used to run a script in the init script to achieve this. Now as an upstart job i run a pre script in the upstart job to achieve the same result.

pre-start script
        #set DVBT mode
        /opt/bin/mediaclient --setdtvmode=DVBT
        /opt/bin/mediaclient --vfilter=on
        /opt/bin/mediaclient --loglevel=off
end script

(2012-11-13, 21:28)schumi2004 Wrote: ... is this TVHeadend releated or a XBMC issue?
None of these, it's an issue from your provider. This happens if an 4:3 frame (old film or series) is packed into a 16:9 frame. If this frame is signaled as 16:9 you'll get the black bars beside the video.

(2012-11-15, 16:42)_BJ1 Wrote:
(2012-11-13, 21:28)schumi2004 Wrote: ... is this TVHeadend releated or a XBMC issue?
None of these, it's an issue from your provider. This happens if an 4:3 frame (old film or series) is packed into a 16:9 frame. If this frame is signaled as 16:9 you'll get the black bars beside the video.

Sounds logical. I'll send a message to my provider for there explanation and why the send it in wrong frame Wink Probably won't get any answer but worth a try.
@redstorm : many thanks, you put me in the right direction !

The default user was set to hts by the TvHeadEnd update. The TvHeadEnd was set to another user when installing XBMCBuntu. By setting the correct user, the TVheadEnd process doesn't crash at start up.

I have done some TV records last week, but the results was not very good : The MKV generated freeze completely the PC when I try to move into the video. I will try some other tests on several channels to better identify the problem.

(2012-11-11, 15:37)alanwww1 Wrote: If I am using the clients with wired network connection, everything works fine with no problem at all.
But if I use xbmc client over a 300MBps Wifi connection, I have serious lags, bufferings, stops, etc with XBMC.
tvheadend streams over tcp, which is not very nice for wifi connections and live streams. if the connection drops, becomes slower temporarily or is otherwise delayed, then you're in trouble and xbmc will start buffering up when one of the buffers runs dry.

one thing you can do is increase the initial buffer level via advancedsettings:
the default is 5%. increase it to 10% or higher. this will increase channel switching times.

the other option is to implement udp streaming in tvheadend and not try to buffer up in xbmc Smile[/php]
opdenkamp / dushmaniac

xbmc-pvr [Eden-PVR builds] [now included in mainline XBMC, so no more source link here :)]
personal website: [link]

Found a problem with PVR? Report it on Trac, under "PVR - core components". Please attach the full debug log.

If you like my work, please consider donating to me and/or Team XBMC.
Are there debian packages available or I need to compile from source?
Hi Adam, I had 2,12 installed on debian, i got wheezy now. Could I use ubuntu repositories? If so what version?
How can I install it on my android tab. I really don't understand all the codes etc.
@FrodoLOTR - you mean install tvheadend on your Android tablet? Just... don't. It may theoretically be possible, but you'd never get any driver support for any TV adapters without getting into compilation hell, assuming the previous compilation hell of tvh itself didn't kill you off first. I'm not going to say that it's impossible, since nothing is and tvh runs on ARM devices like Synology - I'm just suggesting that it's not likely to be an easy journey.

tvheadend runs on a linux system, Ubuntu mostly for absolute ease of installation.

Now, once you've got that installed, you can always put XBMC onto your tablet - and that then talks to tvheadend - so that gives you PVR functionality and live TV streaming to your tablet, which is what you're actually after, I suspect...
Yup, I mean that.
I use a windows PC. Therefore I used Argus. But my tablet couldnt find the PVR client, once I installed and did all the things on my pc. Now I'm looking for a other one and a guide that goes step by step through the process.
Do we still need to make the changes for NTSC at to enable it in the current builds? Is there some commandline compile time flag instead now?
@FrodoLOTR - If you have Argus/4TR already installed on a Windows system as a backend, I wouldn't even consider trying to port tvheadend to Android. Actually, I wouldn't consider it full stop, but maybe that's just me.

I installed XBMC onto both my SGS3 'phone and TF101 tablet - both pick up live TV from my backend perfectly. So I'd go back and look again at your installation - maybe it's the PVR addon that's the problem, or the configuration. Trying to port tvh over seems like a sledgehammer to me.

Documentation for Android XBMC is pretty scant at the moment and will remain that way until it formally launches.
@Prof Yaffle
Yup, will go through the installation once again.
Thnx for the support

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