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[XBMC for Raspberry] Store movies in the SD Card ?
Hello everybody,

I have a small question...

I installed a distribution of XBMC on one big SD card (32Gb), because I planned to copy directly the .avi files in te SD card.

Unfortunately, after having installed the XBMC distribution, I cannot access my SD card from my computer to copy the files...

Anyone could help me ?

Thanks in advance ...
Hello and welcome.

If the files are still there, presuming they weren't wiped out during the install, try using SFTP.

Personally I dont own a RPi, so I dont know the in's/out's but I would presume SFTP to the box ip:port 22 using xbmc as user and password?

what OS are you using?

If openelec: open up the samba share folder from another pc and copy files to the a videos folder
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I have the RASPBMC if I remember...

I will try with the SFTP tonight.
After writing RaspBMC from WIndows I created a folder on the SD card for addons. I was able to access these on the RPi, so I would assume you can get to your movies. Perhaps you have to add it as a source?
Any news on this??

Raspbmc has samba built in and enabled by default, you should be able to copy that way. The filesystem is ext4 so no native Windows support to mount the card. Scp is also enabled.
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