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I'm using the Confluence skin and recently i did a download of the latest source. I think it is fun to try the latest and to learn new things. But sometimes there are problems. I've already had a few and here is a new one.

Before i did that update and built from source i had created a lot of custom fanart files for movies. They are named as moviename-fanart.jpg and is in the same folder as the movie, it worked very good. After the update i still have all those files in the same folder as the movies but the fanart is not shown anymore. I tried to clean the library, update the library but nothing.

Has the behavior of custom fanart changed in recent versions and the wiki hasn't been updated yet?
When i look at the log i see no information about loading fanart or anything. Is it possible to see such messages on another log level? Would like to figure out why the images isn't shown.
Since i cant find the problem and i'm all alone with this problem i'm thinking about creating a folder for each movie to see if that helps. Not a perfect solution since i share the movies with MythTV, and this makes it harder to navigate. But in the future i would like to move completely to XBMC so i want fanart to work.

My question now is, is there a quick way to create folders for each movie file and move the associated files to that folder? Besides the actual movie i have the fanart and a nfo file that should be moved.
Perhaps reading this thread will help

The recommended is a folder for each movie named exactly as the movie_file which is placed inside and any files associated with that movie inside that folder, named accordingly.

its says here (and this is old information)

xbmc wiki Wrote:Movies via moviefilename-fanart.jpg in the same folder as the 'moviefilename' media file.
Movies fanart.jpg if the movie is in it's own folder.

So its expected to have a folder with a single movie inside and relevant files inside too. Obviously a great deal of things are changing in scrapers, if this isn't behaving as intended then it probably a bug?

Hope it helps.


Thank you, yes i've read that, and don't think it does help with my problem. Since the wiki says it is possible to use the format moviename-fanart.jpg for custom fanart, and it was working for me before a upgrade, i would have liked to get it working again.
But since i also know that one folder for each file is the preferred way i thought i could try that. But since we are talking about about 3-400 movies i wonder if there is some easier way to create folders and move files for Ubuntu?
Probably something like

#Add file extensions as necessary
#Create folders from filenames and move filenames into the created folders
for f in *.mkv *.avi *.mpg *.srt *.jpeg; do
    mkdir "$d" && mv "$f" "$d/"

or another example


for DIRNAME in `ls | awk -F_ '{print $2}' | sort -u` ; do
    if [ ! -d ${DIRNAME} ] ; then
        mkdir ${DIRNAME}
    for EXTENSION in `ls *_${DIRNAME}_* | awk -F. '{print $NF}' | sort -u` ; do
        if [ ! -d ${DIRNAME}/${EXTENSION} ] ; then
            mkdir ${DIRNAME}/${EXTENSION}

Both an example, not a proven or even slightly tested "possible" solutions. Test on a small directory with a few copys of files to see if it does what you want.

Further reading for windows .bat

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