4TRecord vs NextPVR
NextPVR addon just added timeshifting support yesterday, 4TR addon just got it's HTTP/Curl changes merged into master, and a working addon should be there soon.

For people who used both, I am trying to figure out which one has the better Backend server, they both seems to have the same feature set / include a web interface to manage recording.

What are people thought on this? I will probably end up trying both, but knowing in advance what's missing from one or the other, performance etc would be good to know.

Android client would be a win for me.

I'm very curious to peoples' answers to this as well. Though I can't help much as I'm in the same boat as you, I have found some android clients for both.

http://fortherecord-mobile.de/ (homepage for above link)


Though with xbmc android in the works, this may not be needed. I can dream.
Haven't used NextPVR but can say I have found FTR over the last several months to be *extremely* stable and very easy to use. I'm a big fan. After the glitchy hell that was TvHeadEnd, which made me think my tuner was crap, it was a big relief to use some proper software that is a lot more tolerant and I have yet to see ANY visual glitches with FTR despite TvHeadEnd giving me a glitchy picture once every minute or so.

The scheduling in FTR is easy and good....
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Sorry, no help w/out a *full debug log*.
I've used both over the last couple of months. The support from the NextPVR forums has been incredible. I left FTR because it didn't directly support my Colossus capture cards. NextPVR has much faster channel changes for me, but that is probably partially due to having to use MediaPortal with FTR to get my Colossus to work.
I've used 4TR all year, and changed to Nextpvr since it was available, simply because of it's streaming capabilites. You should note though that the 4TR plugin has been in works for a long time, while the NPVR is very fresh.

(I have not yet tested NPVR latest plugin offering with timeshift support, maybe some stuff has improved)

This is what I find standing out (from my pov with the way I use it) :

4TR (using their argus tv-server):
+ Fastest channelchange
+ Stable channelchange
+ Perfect scheduling options
+ Good webinterface (and apps for android/ios)
- No web streaming
- Basically no conflict managment (livetv vs recording, it might grab the tuner u are using, even if there is another one free)
- A little tricky to setup, but good instruction manual.
I love 4TR it's great at what it does, but the fact that it's missing streaming capabilites is real killer for me.

+ Easy setup
+ Great support community and very active developer with patches and fixes for problems people run into
+ Conflict managment (livetv vs recordings)
+ Streaming via web or directly to vlc (just type inn url and channel number and it tunes the channel - AWSOME)
+ there is also a none-pvr-branch addon that works with any version of xbmc
- Scheduling options via web are OK for most, but can't compare to 4TR
- slower channel tuning (some say it's just as fast as 4TR but not for me)
- problems with channelchange (again some have this issue, others don't)
I think NPVR is the perfect option for those not so tech savy, it's easy setup and cover most peoples needs.

Keep in mind currently this is bleeding edge software, alpha versions, don't expect either of them to be perfect.
Ive setup 4TR last night and channel scan is a pain. It detect my 4 silicondust atsc tuner but only detect 2 channels off the 15 that all other software find. I will try next pvr tonight.
Is the tuner management still an issue with latest build? This is a real show stopper.
what KRA77 said pretty much sums it up.

i was using 4tr for about 1.5 years and recently switched to nextpvr when the xbmc addon was released.

development is a lot quicker in nextpvr, and the developer is really good (he sells the software to vendors so does get paid to work on it). the npvr addon is playing catch up since its newer, but i believe it will be one of the best once completed (the short time its been alive and its really good so far, esp now timeshifting has been added).

some things are easier in 4tr
- editing channels numbers
- merging channels
- scheduling is better
- web interface is 1000x better than nextpvr webinterface

but nextpvr has
- faster development
- really stable recording service
- really easy to setup
- recordings take priority
- i like having multiple recording directories, i record all my movies into a "Movies" folder (4tr might also have this, just never used in it)
- i find logging in npvr to be easier to follow and debug (4tr creates way too many log files IMO)
- the developer for nextpvr is developing the xbmc addon and has made changes to nextpvr to make the xbmc addon work better (i.e. the xbmc addon developer doesnt need to ask the main developer to add support or work around limitations in the backend, not saying 4tr has these issues but nice having the same developer/team behind everything)
I am currently setting up 4TR since right now, the most important for me is the web interface. I also have 4 tuners so tuner management is not critical.

However I am keeping a eye on nextPVR as more features gets added.


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