Sorting movies
I just wondered if anyone knew of some software that can scan a hardrive full of movies and then catagorize into genre etc and mobe into a windows folder structure?
I have quite a lot so want to ease the burden on my server.
Why not just scan your movies into the xbmc library and then you can browse by genre if you so wish.
Yes.. you're asking for something that XBMC already does Smile
so XBMC will scan a whol hard drive and ten actually move files into folders? or does it just show the files in genre in the interface?
Well no, it doesn't actually touch your files and do anything with them. It simply creates a database of all your movies so you can then view/sort them as you wish. By genre is only one of the ways you can sort your files in XBMC. The great thing with this is it really doesn't matter how your movies are laid out on your hard drives.
which is great. but looking for a little more structure to the actual files
XBMC won't be able to do what you are asking but you could look into ember media manager. It's been a long time since I've tried it but believe it had a rename option.
It does indeed have a rename algorithm that you can change to whatever you wish. Genre is one of it's renaming options but I never saw the sense in genre sorting. No movie falls into 1 single genre category, so why move a sci-fi action movie into sci-fi? Why not action? One of the few things(as example) that does make sense, is having "kids" movies in their own directory. That way you can easily make smart playlists for your kids and thus not expose them to some more adult themed movies.
If i use XBMC to scan the movie files on my NAS - will it download the art work from the internet?


As long as you set a content for the source something like this

Provided the source material is correctly named something like

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