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NextPVR instead of Tvheadend
Hi all...

I have som questions regarding the NextPVR addon/server.

My current setup is, that i'm running a Windows 7 installation with XBMC as Shell, and a administrator account that i control from RDP session. I'm running a Ubuntu machine as a virtual machine on the same pc, an running tvheadend in that ubuntu install. Everything i working like a charm in XBMC, fast channel switching and so on.

The recent talk about the new addon for NextPVR, and the sopposed fast channel switching on a windows only setup sounds really nice! And the even more recent news about nextpvr supporting timeshift in xbmc is even greater!

So i tried setting up a test environment for the windows only setup. NextPVR installation works like a charm, and scanning for the channels was really easy. So I installed the latest xbmc frodo build, and the nextpvr addon from .

So issue nr. 1 comes. When i try to watch a HD channel, nothing happens. The screen remains black, and after a little while, i get the message that the tuner is no longer availible. SD channels plays just fine.

So issue nr. 2. Do i have to make any setup regarding the timeshift support? sd channels didn't seem to have timeshifting support. I activated timeshift in the addon settings.

I hope someone out there can help me out. It would be really nice with a Windows only setup, using less ressources for the virtual machine running Ubuntu.

Did you install the NPVR patch to enable timeshifting support ?

Yeah i just did, and now timeshifting is working great!

Still have the HD channel issue tho' Sad

I would try to open the HD channels in VLC to see if it's a frontend or backend problem.

in VLC open http://backend_ip_adress:8866/live?channel=XX where XX is the channel number of your HD channel.
Okay... I will try that when i get back home from work. I do think i's a backend issue, because when i use the NextPVR frontend, the channel never displays.

I don't know if it makes a difference, but i'm using a HDhomerun box as the tuner.

So i made a test with VLC, and it turns out, that it is a backend problem Sad
then you head over to the nextpvr forum and post there, or search, maybe it's knows issue with your tuner
TjaLfE, I saw your log on the NextPVR forums. The problem relates to the "|" character in the middle of the channel name. In the channel settings screen, replace that with a "-" or something similar, and it should start working.
@sub3 Yeah... I replied in the NextPVR forum too Smile thx alot for you help
(2012-10-31, 13:13)TjaLfE Wrote: @sub3 Yeah... I replied in the NextPVR forum too Smile thx alot for you help

Working well for you?
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Bry- i only managed to test in my production enviroment for about 1 hour yesterday. (girlfriend needed the tv). But it was working great. I dont even Think she noticed any difference :-) only thing i noticed was some slower Channel switching time. But i Think thats because of the new timeshifting feature.
Comparing timeshifting backend to none timeshifting would not be fair. There has to be a delay to get timeshifting.
Exactly, i did expect slower shifting time :-) i originally used Windows mediacenter, and the switching time match Windows mediacenter quite Well
In mediaportal you can get timeshifted zapping down to about 1-2 secs, but they have the advantage of writing both the backend and frontend, I guess we can never get that from xbmc with it's unified pvr solution.

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