newbie needs help with a few questions
I have been looking for a while now and got everything working but have a few questions I cant figure out.

1: How can I get all the info like the movie info artwork etc (everything it downloads) while scanning the system on the media hard drive instead of on my C drive?.

2: Is there a way for it not to download anything if it isn't a 100% match? I have quite a few wrong ones that needs fixing.

3: Is related to question 2 how do I fix them manually?

4: How do I save everything that was downladed in case I need to restore it or put on a diiferent drive so I don't have to redownload everything over again.

Hi fridder Smile

You should go through wiki pages everything is there ... but then again you need to know what you are looking fore Smile

1. Portable mode

2. I guess movies and tv shows, most likely you have problems with names check this

3. from my experience - manualy - but it is one time job, latter (i guess) you will use some tool for download so it will be easy

4. well if you mean library data you can export from xbmc - use option to separate files - this will export fanart and everythin else to movie/tv show folders
and when you set XBMC to portable mode you can just copy that folder to somewhere safe - all your data and settings are in that foldrer

hope this helps a bit Smile

Just a heads up... if you need help abut something you need to be precise - XBMC has became huge,
you can download subtitles, fanart, extra fanart, lyrics..... so if you narow down what you need people can help you better Smile

If you have some pesky movies/shows that don't scan correctly even after tweaking the filenames, you can use nfo (wiki) files to override or supplement the scraped information.
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