Seasonal Specials
Alright, just so I'm not reinventing the wheel, how does everyone else deal with those seasonal specials that are usually played this time of year?
I'm talking about the Rankin-Bass, Disney, etc Halloween & Christmas specials both from our youth and current ones that are all over the place on thetvdb (Disney stuff is REALLY a mess there), yet seem more logical to me to be grouped together by season, ie Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.

Smart Playlists
Creating .info's for all of these, but Season 1, Season 2 don't really make sense in this case
Or not adding them to the library and just browsing by directory? (loses the nice feel of the library UI - my current solution)

Anything I'm missing?
A lot of the specials I have are kept under season 0. Just go to The TVDB and get the episode number if you need it. XBMC should be able to pick them up this way.
All of my Rankin-Bass etc are categorized as Movies. I manually edit the .nfo's to create Movie Sets. This minimizes their appearance the rest of the year, so that I only see a movie set titled "Christmas Specials", for example, and I don't have to scroll through all the individual titles.
The problem I have with listing under season 0, is that TVDB lists a lot of the shows under different series names. Disney is an excellent example of that, there is got to be over 20 series names of which the seasonal specials are thrown in all over the place.

I like the movie set idea. I guess I've always thought of them as TV shows as opposed to "Film Shorts".

Thanks, that gives me something to play with.
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