Music Library - XBMC dumped all my album thumbs!

I'm using a Frodo nightly of XBMC, from around a week ago - compiled Oct 24.

Until today I had a lovely music library with thumbs for almost every album and a fair bit of fanart, maybe 60% of artists.

When I just went into XBMC the music library still exists, and it still has info for albums but at least 90% of all thumbs have gone, and are replaced by the placeholder.

If I menu click on an album, go to album information and choose thumb I can see a choice of thumbs available.

I don't fancy doing that for every album, so I wondered - is there a quick way of getting XBMC to replace the thumbs? I've tried query info for all albums, and update library, but neither has any effect.

Things don't tend to disappear without something happening to cause it. What did you do to trigger it?
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