Playercorefactory.xml and .exe files (game discs)
Thanks to bluray for pointing me to the other thread regarding TMT5. After some screwing around and reading, I got DVDs to launch with TMT5 like I wanted. Now on to the final challenge.

I have an AutoHotKey script that will automatically identify, install, and launch PC games (uses a database). The thing is, XBMC interferes with Windows' AutoPlay feature. In retrospect, I see why. So to compromise, I'm looking to add to the playercorefactory.xml file code that will launch my script whenever a game disc is inserted. For now, I'm assuming all discs with *.exe on them are game discs. I'll deal with sorting out Enhanced DVDs from game discs soon enough. The thing is, no matter what I have tried so far, xbmc simply refuses to launch the batch file that launches the script. It makes the noise, but doesn't launch anything. I've pasted my playercorefactory.xml file below. I have confirmed that the batch file I'm calling will in fact launch the script I want. So now it's a matter of getting xbmc to launch the batch file. Thoughts on this one?

Basically, it would turn my xbmc pc into a console that plays PC games, automatically installing and launching them, etc.

Thanks in advance for the insights.

The xml file is below. The relevant part is at the bottom. The rest works as expected with my media.


<player name="ISO_Player" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">

<player name="BDMV_Player" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">

<player name="Disc_Player" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">

<player name="Universal_Player" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
<filename>C:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\Media Player Classic\mpc-hc.exe</filename>


<player name="OpenExtreme" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="false">

<rules action="prepend">
<!-- Bluray ISO -->
<rule filenames="iso" filetypes="iso" player="ISO_Player"/>
<!-- Bluray BDMV -->
<rule filenames="bdmv" filetypes="bdmv" player="BDMV_Player"/>
<!-- Bluray M2TS -->
<rule filenames="m2ts" filetypes="m2ts" player="Universal_Player"/>
<!-- Bluray MKV -->
<rule filenames="mkv" filetypes="mkv" player="Universal_Player"/>
<!-- Bluray TS -->
<rule filenames="ts" filetypes="ts" player="Universal_Player"/>

<!-- Bluray Disc -->
<rule filenames="BD" name="D:\\.*" filetypes="bdmv" player="Disc_Player"/>
<!-- DVD Disc -->
<rule name="dvd" dvd="true" player="Disc_Player" />
<!-- PC game discs -->
<rule name="D:\\*.exe" filetypes="exe" player="OpenExtreme"/>

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