Noob here desperate for some help to get me started...
I very recently installed XBMC and I'm still trying to get a handle of things.

I managed to learn what a repo was and installed Aeon MQ4. It's great, I haven't the slightest clue how to use anything though.

I'm starting small, I have a file server that I connected to from the XBMC with a Movie folder. I have two movies that I want to appear NOT in the file list that is presented to me.
Where's the fanart? The eloquent layout that I see in Youtube videos?

Do I need to mount this network drive? If so... how?!

I'll start simply.
Is there a list of keyboard inputs that are used in XBMC. I'm struggling just being able to manuever around the GUI.

How can I import a Movie folder (with only 1 movie) and have XBMC auto scrape and present in a nice looking layout.

I think once I figure these things out, I can sort out TV & Music myself. But damn, this is tough for beginners.

REALLY appreciate the help.
All your "questions" have wiki articles and forums posts (I guess you would have to search) which is what I'm doing to answer your questions!

For import movie folder and "mount" sources question (there is no need to mount network sources) just add them read this

tehn you have to set content and scan in into xbmc library and create a database


Fancy fanart views and other views


Addons here

And more about addons

If you find any questions that don't have any answer on wiki/intraweb/forums dont hesitate to ask. +1


oh my. You REALLY shouldn't use MQ4 for a brand new user. It does things quite differently than most skins.

Using confluence, at least until you understand most of the easy stuff, is probably best.

Any movies/tv you want in your library you need to add as a source for xbmc. Videos -> Files -> Add Source. Make sure you select whether the source contains movies/tv/etc. VERY important for the scraping and artwork.

Artwork isn't automatically downloaded. You need to get "Artwork Downloader" addon. Very easy to do since you've already figured out repos. It is in the main xbmc repo. Once installed you can either just run it or select a tv show/movie go to information and use any of the tabs presented there to get the artwork of your choice(fanart, thumbs, etc).

As for changing views. Once you have added and scraped your movies/tv go to movies(main menu or Videos->Movies) and you'll be given all the movies that xbmc scraped into it's database. It defaults to some crappy list view but you can easily change it by pressing 'left'. Change the 'view' to whatever you want.

Confluence is slightly more basic, that's why it's the default skin, so it will only contain a handful of views. Once you figure out all of this then you could consider giving other skins a look.

Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions.
Thanks you two.
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Noob here desperate for some help to get me started...00
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