Chapters in NFO/sidecar file
Is it possible to add chapters in an NFO file?

I noticed them on an MKV and thought that's nice - it would be very useful for some of my videos where they are designed to be viewed as a whole but with obvious skip points (the example I am testing on is a selection of music videos chosen by a band, so each chapter is the next song).

Alas converting my TS files to MKV loses the aspect ratio switching - Basically all the bits with the band in and the new videos are 16:9 and the older music videos are 4:3 - when watching in VLC the window resizes, and XBMC pillar boxes the 4:3 content.

It also seams a bit daft having to repackage files to a different container when XBMC is obviously already able to cope with chapters.

If XBMC can't handle Chapters in NFOs (or another side car file) does anyone know an MKV editor that can inject the chapters, while also keeping the aspect ratio switching intact (mkvtoolnix didn't)?

e.. the following is how VLC shows the video about 20seconds apart...
Once it's mkv'd it's all stretched to 16:9 Sad
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Chapters in NFO/sidecar file00
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