Linux XBMCBuntu music playback skips
Hi! - I have been running XBMCBuntu since release (and have used terminal to update/upgrade regularly). I'm running it on a Shuttle XS-35GT connected by HDMI to a Sony ES Receiver. XBMCBuntu has been installed on the internal SATA drive, and my media-files are placed on an external 1 TB USB-drive. I had some issues setting up the audio at the beginning, but after i discovered the correct settings in the audio-setup, it has been running fine with a few exceptions.

First of all - when i play music it skips. The sound drops and then comes back after 1-2 seconds. This happens regularly (anywhere from a few seconds apart up to a few minutes). The music does not continue from where it stopped, it "continues" while i cannot hear it (as if the speakers are just turned off for a very short while). This makes me think it is not caused by loading or processor overload.

Similarly, it seems the music starts with a delay of a second or so - like the first second is missing of the music-file.

I guess i could do more research myself (on my system and using google), but i'm trying the lazy-approach and hoping somebody had the same issues and fixed them Smile (Sorry!) It's getting quite frustrating.

If i recall correctly, i have the same issue with video-playback. It is a lot less obvious here though (if this is because the sounds generally are less "coherent", or because the problem is smaller, i really don't know). With video playback i seem to recall that the video continues, but the sound cuts off, again for a few seconds.

I decided to run a test by playing the audio-file in the XBMCBuntu/Linux software with another player, but i need to install MANY packages to get a player installed, and i really don't want to install ANYTHING that is not absolutely necessary - i want to keep XBMCBuntu as light-weight as possible.

Anybody got any advice? If you need any specific knowledge, please ask, and i will get it for you if possible.

Best Regards - and thanks in advance,
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