N00b Q. about 3D movies
Hi all.

Its maybe DUMB question but I just want to know the answer.

I have 1080P LCD TV.

I want to run 3DSBS movies on it.

When I put real 3DSBS movie on the XBMC I see the movie doubled...

I know that the TV need to do the proceeding (hardware level) and show me the 3DSBS with 3DSBS glasses...

My question is: Is there any plugin\apps that can make the proceeding in the software level and transmit the output to regular TV Screen I all I need to do is to buy glasses ?

Thanks all.
I might be misunderstanding your question, but it sounds like you have a non-3D TV, is that correct?
My Tv is non-3D.
I read few posts and find that xbmc support external players like "Stereoscopic Player"

But what I'm asking is there is an option to see 3DSBS movies without use external player?

(My movies came form regualr files and NAVI-X)

Really? are you trolling... If you don't have a 3D TV or Nvidia 3D, and don't have a system capable of syncing stereoscopic video to a pair of glass... well then you can't have 3D...
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XBMC can play H-SBS movies, but you still need a 3DTV for it to work.
Thanks for quick replay.

What I was thinking:

If the real 3D TV get a 3DSBS file and make some kind of processing on it (hardware \ software level) I tough that If the was an apps that can do the processing before the TV and transmit only the output witch is the already 3DSBS movie like "Stereoscopic Player" I think that was can help no HuhHuhHuh

I make a test and tried to use "Stereoscopic Player" on 3DSBS movie (not in XBMC) and he make the the "2 sides" to 1 pic, then I used red blue glasses and I saw 3D...

This option cannot be applied on XBMC ?

Thanks again.
No, xbmc has no such functionality built in, you would have to use stereoscopic player in anaglyph mode (which is much worse quality than the polarized glasses or shutter glasses used by 3d tv's and 3d cinemas)
Thanks guys
Hi all.
One more thing for consult, can one of this thing can help me or it will be like use "stereoscopic player"


Thanks again.
No. It cannot be done.
(2012-11-02, 09:31)asher_pa Wrote: Hi all.
One more thing for consult, can one of this thing can help me or it will be like use "stereoscopic player"

Those devices do work on a 2D TV since they convert to anaglyph, so the result would be like using stereoscopic player in anaglyph mode. Keep in mind that the xbmc UI and most likelly subtitles will not render correctly in 3D.
thanks alot for the info Smile
Hi again.
I'm trying to import "Stereoscopic Player" into the XBMC with no success.

I created new file called "playercorefactory.xml".

In - "C:\Users\Work\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata"

my file look like this:

<player name="SBS-3D" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
<filename>c:\Program Files\Stereoscopic Player\StereoPlayer.exe</filename>
<rules action="prepend">
<rule filetypes="mkv|ts|mp4" filename=".*mp4.*" player="SBS-3D"/>

and the file that I'm trying to play called VIDEO.MP4 from NAVI-X

But it not work:
I have ATI RADEON HD 4250

What am missing Huh

I think that you are trying too hard. You can use this "BD & 3D Assistant" to find out if your hardware and software support 3d.....
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I refused to watch movie without bitstreaming HD audio!
Thanks, but with the "BD & 3D Assistant" everything is OK.
Why I can't inter the "Stereoscopic Player" as a external player?
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