Forced Subtitles Only Solution?
Hey Guys,

I don't believe there is currently an option to show Forced Subtitles only.

That leaves the following options:

1. Disable Subtitles globally (and turn them on if you remember during a movie with Forced Subs)
2. Enable Subtitles globally (and turn them off for every movie)
3. Manually remove ALL non-Forced Subs

I'd love to hear how other users are getting around this issue / what they consider to be the best possible option right now.


Sure there is, I use it all the time. Just disable subs globally. Any files that have the forced subs flag enabled on a subtitle stream will still display them.

And to turn them off globally, I'm bringing up the audio/video settings while playing a video, disabling subs, and then setting as default for all videos. Your forced subs will still display but all other wont. Simple as that.
Ah wonderful! I thought I had read that didn't work.

So now I just need to get to work making sure forced subs have a forced flag...

So I just tested it with a new BluRay rip of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Here's the file details from MKVMerge:

[Image: 2vl9tvl.png]

Subtitles are disabled globally in XBMC and when I play the file (in the scenes with subs), none are displayed...


It works PERFECTLY after I set the DEFAULT TRACK FLAG to "YES" and the FORCED TRACK FLAG to "YES"

The first file I tested has a PGS subtitle file. I'm not certain if those are supported in Eden, but with regular SRT/SUB files, it works perfectly.

Thanks so much gabbott
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