Sync Thumbnails Setup Of Frodo Snapshots
i have just installed the latest frodo snapshot and was going to setup my thumbnail sync and just wanted to ask a few things

I have two htpc's HTPC A and HTPC B Both Have the advancedsettings.xml file in the userdata folder

HTPC A i have setup with a sources.xml as well

HTPC B only has the advancedsettings.xml file

because the thumbs were stored on a third location being my server i could have HTPC A turned off and Turn on HTPC B and still have it scan for new content including stuff i have yet to scan into HTPC A

however being frodo the thumbnails are stored on individual machines if HTPC A was turned off and i started HTPC B would it do the same thing as in eden or would i need the sources.xml file in both machines for it to know what to scan into it

basically do i need to put the sources.xml file in both machines or only one like i did in eden when i tried this in eden if i can remember correctly it started scanning everything in twice

also are the thumbs stored temporarily with the mysql folders on the server and then sync'd across to the second machine when it is turned on or do i have to have both machines running to have it transfer metadata from the machine it was scanned into to the other machine
I believe Ned Scott has answered your art question already in your other thread?

sources.xml is used for one thing and one thing only: Determining what to display in the "Files" node of your video library. That's it. Nothing to do with updating the library or anything like that.
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