OS X  [Feature Request] Bit perfect audio out.
I would very much like to see the possibility to output bit perfect audio from XBMC on Mac OS.
If it is possible to control the Audio mixer from XBMC, like with Amarra, it would be perfect.

I am using XBMC on a MacMini, sending out digital through USB to a DAC, the DAC passes trough the digital signal via SPFIF to a Pre/Pro in case of multi channel and I use the DAC to decode two channel sound.
passthough is bit perfect audio, having any mixer would defeat the purpose of passthough which is 'pass the audio data through untouched by anything'. looks like you already do this so I don't understand your question at all.
It works great with multi channel audio.

But when playing music (2 channel) the OS X audio midi settings seams to override and change the bit rate to 24.

16bit, 44.1kHz material works, but it is sent as 24/44.1.
24bit, 96.0kHz is sent as 24/96 if the MacOSX audio midi settings is set to 24/96, otherwise it is sent as 24/44.1.
24bit, 192kHz is not played at all, it makes XBMC crash.

All music is stored as FLAC files, except a few .wav files.
The FLAC files are mostly 16bit/44.1kHz material, but I have a few albums in 24/96 or 24/192.
I would love to be able to play them all bit perfect with XBMC, but unfortunately it does not work with XBMC 11 Eden.

When I close XBMC and play the same files with the Audirvana software player I am able to play it all in bit perfect mode.
Audirvana is able to change the MacOSX audio midi settings, on the fly, depending on the bite rate and resolution on the individual track.
imho its not a OSX Problem, i´m on Linux (openelec) and the Output of Frodo is not bitperfect. In my eyes the problem is the preamplevel setting und replaygain.
See my posts in the Linux AE thread an my Feature request: link

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