Metropolis 2.0 Released
Metropolis 2.0.0 has been submitted to the XBMC Repo and should be available soon. A huge thanks for jingai for all of his work and everyone else that has contributed.

Here's a short list of what has been updated/fixed/added in 2.0 Laugh

- Special thanks to jingai

- Add shuttle controls in PVR OSD.
- Fix Episode counts in all views.
- Update fonts.
- New icons for Addons, LiveTV, and Games.
- Option to show Clean Library in Videos and Music SubMenus.
- New Music Genre icons.
- New Movie Genre icons.
- Add option to show Plot or Director/Genre in Fullscreen Info.
- Fix occasional hang in Fullscreen Info.
- Hide Media Totals for media types that have no items in library.
- Advanced Launcher integration.
- Add Games to Home main menu.
- Music Visualiser options: Fanart, Extra Fanart, Artist_Slideshow, or None.
- Use Realistic Weather Icons on global overlay as well (if configured).
- Add IMDb Top250 Media Flag.
- Clean up VideoInfo dialog for Music Videos.
- Option to limit Shutdown submenu to non-destructive operations only.
- Add Reboot item to Shutdown submenu.
- More Music Genre icons.
- Option to hide all Media Flags.
- Clean up PictureGrid view type.
- Customization options for Home items.
- Customizable submenu items for most Home items.
- Move Music Videos to Home main menu.
- PVR support.
- Major rework of Music section.
- Adjust Music Fullscreen Overlay.
- Clean up animations.
- Show sort letter popup when scrolling through lists quickly.
- Option to hide global clock.
- Rework Skin Settings.
- Icon shortcuts for Addons Home item.
- RandomItems script support.
- Watchlist script support.
- RSS Editor script support.
- Peripherals dialog.
- Fix Slim Seekbar.
- Slim Music Info Overlay option.
- Fix TV Shows Next Aired script.
- Show Files submenu link in Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos if Videos is hidden.
- Option to hide Plot in Library views.
- Fix Music Lyrics button.
- Fix hang when adding new media source.
- Disable Busy Dialog when Cinema Experience script is running.
- Fix miscellaneous overlay issues.
- Various aesthetic issues resolved.
- More localization.
- French translation updated.
- Spanish translation updated.
- Korean translation updated.

Great job! Congrats on the release.
Should it have showed up by now?

EDIT: Nevermind. I figured out how to get to the addons via the web. I've been having issues with XBMC not updating repos.
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Still waiting on the pull. Cory generally waits a couple of days for skins because they're big pulls and developers frequently find new bugs shortly after the request. Be patient -- it will show up.

edit: Regarding your edit, it's not up yet. You can't get it from anywhere at the moment. Just wait for the pull.
Soon days will turn to a week. Just saying..
(2012-11-08, 19:22)Japaja Wrote: Soon days will turn to a week. Just saying..

And there is still nothing we can do about it. He will pull it when he pulls it.
Congrats on releasing version 2. Been using it for a few days (was still using an OLD version Blush ) and everything looks good. Keep up the great work!

PS: I haven't been on in a while so if I neglected any PMs from any of the development team, I apologize. Sad
Welcome back Amra! Was wondering what had happened to you Wink
(2012-11-09, 19:53)jingai Wrote: Welcome back Amra! Was wondering what had happened to you Wink

Yeah, I was being crazy and actually WATCHING my movies & TV shows instead of modding XBMC. I know, the horror! Laugh
I'm about ready to take a break myself. Almost got all of the new Frodo-specific features into Metropolis. And just about ready to release the next version of my plugin... so... going into maintenance mode for a bit soon Smile
Hi All,

Do I need to install this version from a special repository? It isn't showing in the 'normal' add-ons section?

No, it should be there. Cory said it was pulled in, but it's not showing up for some reason. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon.
No worries. I'll wait patiently Big Grin
There was a problem with the pull and Cory wasn't able to get around to looking at it until recently, but it's been solved, so it should be in soon.
Aaaaand it's up. Smile
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