[RELEASE] JazzRadio.com XBMC addon (Updated 24th August 2014 : V3.0.1)
Thanks, Bitcrusher, for the great add-on!

One problem - the channel Paris Café does not seem to appear in the list. Could it be perhaps the character é that's causing this problem?
I'm using Kodi 15.0 Beta 1 running on Windows 7
JAZZRADIO has changed its policy to prevent any applications besides Jazzradio's own mobile apps from accessing the website. You must either use one of those or launch a player from their website. I receive the message on the Piano Trios channel but not yet on the Flamenco Jazz channel. Jazzradio had this to say:

"Can your KODI media player import custom stream url’s, such as this one for example: http://prem2.jazzradio.com:80/pariscafe_...401df08a40 for Paris Cafe channel."

Any ideas on how to get around this?
You need now premium account for work on kodi.
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I have a premium account but access is still blocked to some channels (Piano Trios for one), hence my contacting Jazzradio for a suggestion.
Can anyone verify that they are able to access the JazzRadio channels since the policy was changed?
Since jazzradio.com is like di.fm and radiotunes.com part of the audioaddict.com network I suppose you can use the same hack for this addon like it was used for di.fm.
See here: 2221946 (post)
Since Jazz.com went "Morganistic" and turned "Money Grubber" [Morganistic: of and pertaining to the practice of Morganism (i.e., the belief in Profit AT ANY COST as in Hedonism)] Jazz on Kodi is D-E-D (lol) dead as the proverbial door nail.

They now want $ to stream ... NIX to that. Don't have it.

BUT, what's else is there? All the Jazz sources I can find were all related that site effectively cutting the world off, because of their Morganism.

Has anybody got another App that offer Jazz streaming or radio station app or something.

One poor but devout Anti-Morganist
Just install one of the internet radio add-ons (IceCast, RADIO. ListenLiveEU, etc.). There are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands, of stations out there, and every genre is represented. One of my current favorites is Radio Swiss Jazz, on IceCast, but there are many, many more.
There is a replacement addon for JazzRadio: AudioAddict

Big thanks to bitcrusher for maintaining this addon so far!
Question: should we mark all these addon as broken?
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(2017-06-24, 10:29)Martijn Wrote: Question: should we mark all these addon as broken?

As far as I know they are all broken and bitcrusher wasn't maintaining these for nearly one year.
His last time online was: 2016-07-12

So since they are broken, I think you can mark them also as broken.
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