Req Comics Integration into XBMC
Hello ,
I would like to request Full comics integration into xbmc. with scraping of posters/fanarts/nfo generation using comicvine scraper / google.
many of us have our huge comics collections. some of us have scraped & organised them already using comicrack/ comicvine etc etc. but seeing this integrated into xbmc remians elusive like the holy grail .
Is it possible to have xbmc manage comics collections with folder structure e.g
Comics ---> DC ---> Batman ---->#1---
something like Aeon Nox with the logo view would be just perfect for this. of course utilization of goodness like logo / clearart/ fanart / extrafanart would be very much desired & appreciated.
Angelscry's advanced Launcher is currently providing this functionality with scraping from comicvine & google. but it has to use an external programme to use as comics viewer. xbmc has very good cbr/cbz support and hence this could be achieved natively. Dare may I even suggest the same page turn effect (as is incorporated in comicrack ) as the default viewing animation.

Could this be done ? and Would someone please take this up ?
no one interested in this then . Ah well. Keep using Advanced Launcher.
I wouldnt mind this Tongue
I could see this being useful with a tablet etc. but I don't think it would get much use on a TV. Unless you believe different? It may be worth asking the ComicRack dev if an addon for XBMC is possible. Otherwise, yeah, AL something Smile
AWXi - Ajax web interface. Wiki
This would be great I always read comics on the 50 inch in my bedroom would also like to see game console emulators integrated directly in.and I have a slingbox so slingplayer would be good add on too.I could probably launch slingplayer website from the launcher but I need to find a step by step guide to figure it out.
Docs76 if you go to the Advanced Aluncher addon you will get all step by step & even some guidance from Angelscry if you need any . here's the link
@ Mizaki ; I do use comicrack and love the pageturn effect they have on my 56" LED. but yes it does have a much richer experience on a tablet. Anyways @ present Advanced Launcher is excellent for comics use in xbmc ( & for any executable on windows ).
Native full comics integration out of the box would be ideal hence this feature request.
I wouldn't mind this as long as it includes both American comics and manga.

I'd love this.
That's really a must have feature!

When it comes to movies and music XBMC is great!
But as a media center, I would expect the same level of functionalities for every type of media.

Comics are now well supported but why isn't there a library for their management?

And what about ebooks? I would also expect a library management there.
Some think it is not important because they won't read their books on a media center. However books are not just text lines to read. Some types of ebooks are great material for XBMC. Think of manuals, illustrations, or magazines....

Nowadays these are really common on tablets.... why not on XBMC?

So yessss! universal media library management is a must have

It might be "neat" in some sense, but reading comics on the TV is... so very stupid... so very very stupid. I can only speak for myself, and I'm not a programmer, but I really doubt anyone will add any comic-specific library features to XBMC. Maybe via an add-on or maybe something can be done with the upcoming pictures library feature that will be coming to XBMC.

Maybe one day in the far future, if XBMC gets really tablet friendly, then as a side effect of that.... maybe.
Isn't this already mostly possible? (I've not tried it myself)
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The formats are supported, but there's no library/metadata like there is for movies and TV shows.
Doesn'r MyPicturesDB support CBR/CBZ/CB7 files?
Dear Ned, I understand your point, BUT this is a feature request. Not unlike myself there are countless people who do enjoy comics on their TV . Tablet screen within xbmc already. This does not mean i dont love printed comics, printed comics is & will remain my first love. But as things are moving on and there are newer ways of doing the same Old things differently hence this request. its a different story WHEN it might come into fruititon, I speak for all in saying we will wait for whenever it happens. I am sure Dev's have much more improtant work to do @ present and we certainly appreciate all that has been achieved already.
Dang, I opened a new thread for the same request, sorry. Indeed, a 12" tablet would be ideal, but I'll settle for two-page display on the TV... and why not.

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