Beyond TV as an XBMC backend?
Would this even be possible? I still use and love Beyond TV, and would love to have it as a backend for XBMC.
Looks very possible. Just need to find someone who wants to work on a PVR add-on for it.
Glad to hear it's possible. I wonder what would be involved? I'm no coder, but am a very experienced Beyond TV user so may be able to assist if someone is interested.
I was a long time BeyondTV user. Ended up switching to WMC because of support for cablecard. It is unlikely that BeyondTV will support cable card completely although there are a couple of hacks using libhdhomerun.

In my opinion, NPVR is very easy to setup and the NPVR addon seems to work well. I am just waiting for Frodo to stabilize before I convert over my home HTPC.
+1 for nextpvr. Not on my production unit yet. Running well on a nightly in portable mode via usb key.
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Where does NPVR get schedule data? Is NPVR as fully-featured as Beyond TV? I like showsqueeze and smartchapters from BTV very much, and I really like BTV's integrated schedule service. I've been trying to get WMC to work, but cannot get past some IR detection bug in the setup routine.
(2012-11-13, 17:02)vogelap Wrote: Where does NPVR get schedule data?
Like all of the free PVR apps NextPVR doesn't provide any guide data itself. It supports all the common sources of guide data though, like DVB broadcast EPG, XMLTV, Schedules Direct.

Quote:Is NPVR as fully-featured as Beyond TV?
I've not used Beyond TV, so cant answer that one definitively. There maybe some things that Beyond TV does that NextPVR doesn't.

I'm sure in many ways NextPVR is much more advanced than Beyond TV though. For example, it has an XBMC addon, it supports modern tuners like HDPVR, Colossus etc, cablecard tuners like the DCR-2650 and HDHR Prime (albeit copy-free only), supports multi-record allowing multiple recordings to made simultaneously from a single digital tuner (ie, I can be recording 20 or so channels simultaneously with a single dual tuner device), support for worldwide standards like QAM/ATSC/DVB-S/DVB-S2/DVB-T/DVB-T2/DVB-C/DMB-T etc, and stacks of other things...

I haven't been successful in getting NextPVR configured with my Hauppauge 1850 card, so I am still using Beyond TV, and therefore still interested in seeing Beyond TV support in XBMC.

Beyond TV provides its own guide data, which is quite nice...

Is anyone interested in working on an add-in for Beyond TV? I'd be happy to help however I can.
I found this information, which might be useful to someone interested in working on BeyondTV as an XBMC backend...

BeyondTV is nice because it provides (free) its own guide data. No messing around with XMLTV...
Anyone? Bueller?
(2012-11-13, 17:02)vogelap Wrote: Is NPVR as fully-featured as Beyond TV?
Compressing to WMV format to save space -- nice but not required
Commercial detection -- I think NPVR supports ComSkip, so that should be covered.
Schedule -- XMLTV via MC2XML
View listing of recorded show -- by SHOW TITLE as a minimum, but appreciate also the ability to view by storage location, and by ALL.
Web interface -- I know NPVR has a nice web interface
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