A couple of issues
Getting around to drying NextPvr again. This time I have it setup in portable mode so I can avoid impacting my HTPC setup. Using the Frodo build from todya and the latest version of the NextPVR addin, with the patch.

Two issues.

1. After watching TV for a while, I went to change channels and XBMC hung hard. The log file is attached. Basically a thread did not terminate error. I had to eventaully kill XBMC in task manager.


2. Even with the paatch filke installed, I couldn't get the timeshifting to work.
You'll need to enable debug logging in XBMC and repost the xbmc.log.

For the timeshift, if you post the question over at the NextPVR forums, I'll help you through it. Its easier for me to post patches etc over there.
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A couple of issues00