Linux Laptop able to run xbmcbuntu?
I have installed xbmcbuntu on an old laptop of mine, which contains:

- Intel Core Duo Processor T2050 (2M Cache, 1.60 GHz, 533 MHz FSB)
- 2GB memory
- ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with Support for Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0

It is really lagging, I can't even control the mouse normally. Colors are distorted, and the system info is barely readable. I notice that it displays in a 1024x768 resolution with only a few frames per second, so that would explain the display quality and lagging. CPU also seems pretty busy, although it's just running idle.

Is this laptop just not able to run it? Or could it be something else?

Update: image and colors are distorted when I move the mouse point, but if I just let the system run idle for a while the image and colors suddenly change to normal and good quality. Until I move the mouse again. I think it's all just because the laptop is not powerful enough, but that's just a gut feeling. I would just like to know some other opinions about it.
Welcome to the XBMC forums.

Sounds more like an issue with the video driver. Try upgrading the video driver on your system.
Thank you for welcoming me, artrafael.

I'm a Linux newbie, but I guess I would need to exit XMBC and update the video driver within Ubuntu or something? I will try to find a way as soon as I have some playtime again.

In het meanwhile awaiting a response, I have just installed an OpenELEC Generic OSS build and that way I am able to load XBMC normally. So I guess the hardware is able to run it. Could Ubuntu also be the problem?
I'm guessing OpenELEC comes with a more recent/compatible video driver for your system. Since OpenELEC is working for you, I'd recommend staying with it for now unless you really prefer to use XBMCbuntu (e.g., for easier access to the underlying OS).

If you want to try XBMCbuntu again, you may want to install the Frodo beta (XBMC 12.0) version here:
The ISO download is in the first post. This uses a more recent Ubuntu version and may have drivers that work better with your laptop's video card.

If you would rather use the Eden stable (XBMC 11.0) version of XBMCbuntu, please let us know and some forum member(s) will provide instructions on locating and installing an updated video driver to see if that will indeed solve your problem.
The OpenELEC build I've installed includes Opensource drivers for AMD/NVidia instead the binary ones. I think I will stay with it until I run into limitations that make me want to try something else. If I'm going to install XBMCbuntu in the future I'll keep your suggestions in mind. Thanks for your time and effort, artrafael.
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