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iPhone streaming
I currently use "eden" iPhone 4s and have bonjour installed. I am able to stream video and audio from things like safari or utube just fine. When i try to stream just audio like pandora or music stored on my phone i get no audio. It shows that its streaming to xbmc on my phone and with the debugging on there is no error. Any ideas or suggestions greatly welcome. Oh one more thing. Im connected to wireless through airport express which allows audio streaming just fine. The three choices to stream audio on the iphone are iphone speakers, airport express, and xbmc. The first two work but xbmc does not.
What IOS are you using and by streaming you mean airshare or AirPlay?
Openelec Gotham, MCE remote(s), Intel i3 NUC, DVDs fed from unRAID cataloged by DVD Profiler. HD-DVD encoded with Handbrake to x.264. Yamaha receiver(s)
airplay through xbmc. iphone has 6.0.1 and xbmc is 11.
Is XBMC v11 running on Windows? If so, you'll need to update to the XBMC v12 beta, because v11 doesn't have "airtunes" support in Windows.
Yes it is running on a PC with Windows 7. So AirPlay (video and audio) works but AirTunes (audio only) does not in XBMC 11 (Eden)? I think i tried running XBMC 12 Beta and had some glitches. Maybe i will wait for the full version to come out before i address this again. Thanks for your help.

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