Can't map services to channels
Same here, ATSC US, OTA antenna.

Scans muxes like a champ, but there's no channel names and 'map dvb services to channels' just spits one line into the logs and nothing else happens:

"web interface: Service probe started on "HDHomeRun ATSC 1"
Same problem. ATSC in US, antenna, HDHomeRun Dual (HDHR3), TVHeadend 3.4.27 as part of OpenELEC.

No service names, map button does nothing. I don't suppose anyone's working on this? It is definitely still a problem and is making me regret having gone the way I did with my build as I think about sinking money into yet another box just to serve as back-end...
Has anyone ever found a fix for this? I installed openelec with tveheadend and same exactly issue on ATSC us.. finds services but none of the info for them..

Doing a search around the net it seems this problem has been going on for well over a year, someone has to know how to fix itSmile

Or.. does anyone know how to install a different backend in openelec?
Same issue here: using ATSC US, and a TV Wonder 600 usb tuner.
(2013-10-16, 20:36)ludespeedny Wrote: Same issue here: using ATSC US, and a TV Wonder 600 usb tuner.

Sorry ludes, i been trying to get any answer at all to this on 4 different forums for almost a week now.. i am starting to believe that tvheadend is actually a dead project.. need to figure how to get a different backend into openelecSmile
Do you know how to manually map the channels so they would work? I was able to install the beta of 3.5 and looks like some extra stuff is included, but can't test till later.
after the scan you would have to hit play.. figure out the channel.. get the exact name and put it in.. then you can add to the EPG.. which is a pain in the ass for alot of channelsSmile so.. screw that..

Do you know how to update to 3.5 beta on openelec? i know enough linux to make it run.. thats bout itSad

P.S. i just went to tvheadends IRC channel and was told that its not a bug and that ATSC isn't supported.. and that basically its not having an effect on the programmers so it wont be fixed.. so... ill be stuck on windows til openelec uses a different backendSmile
yeah, I followed a lot of this:
first I installed curl using 'apt-get update' and then the command 'apt-get install curl python-software-properties' then ran "curl | sudo apt-key add -' then run 'sudo apt-add-repository' then run your 'apt-get update' and 'apt-get install tvheadend'
you will want to stop tvheadend probably before running that. I had to use 'sudo stop tvheadend'
Also you will get a message about replacing your config file, do not do that.

Yeah, I am about on the same end as far as knowledge of linux goes.
ahh ludes.. stayed on IRC a bit longer and someone explained to me that not alot of guys work on tvheadend.. and they are all based in europe. so its more a matter of priorities and all that.. which is understandable.. am going to stick with windows for now.. and hope for something else later on... good luck to you
Same problem here, service name is empty using hdhome run ATSC.

Is anyone able to hit play in 'multiplexes'? I just get a file download. Also, is there anyway to map the muxid to a channel?

Hi all,

I don't want to get too many hopes up, but I will begin to attempt to debug / implement / fix ATSC program scan over the next few nights, as I really want to see this working on my Synology DS212 with HDHR-3 US. My method will be to get it working under x86 ubuntu on a laptop first, as this is a lot easier for me to build against.

It may take a while, as I have never looked at the tvheadend code before. I will keep the posts about which commit introduced the problem in mind.

Oh, and I also can't play either a mux or a service. Empty VLC window just waits indefinitely doing nothing.

Thanks, I'll be subscribing to this thread if you want beta testers.

I've uninstalled my tvheadend install but will bring it back up if you make progress.

Unfortunately like mentioned before , it's been like that for a while now. But you can still add the channels manually , if you know what channel is associated with the multiplex , right the channel name , save and it will go into your channel list .

if you are not sure , you can right click on the play button , open in new tab , and it will start downloading the stream to your default download folder , something like: _dev_dvb_adapter0_Samsung_S5H1409_QAM_8VSB_Frontend207028615_0001

go to the download folder and right click the stream - open with vlc and it will show you the channel playing . make sure to delete the stream when your done as it can get big fast .
that is how I did it for my ATSC OTA Canadian channels and they are working great . A bit more work but it works.
(2013-10-27, 18:05)mlrtime3 Wrote: Same problem here, service name is empty using hdhome run ATSC.

Is anyone able to hit play in 'multiplexes'? I just get a file download. Also, is there anyway to map the muxid to a channel?


Copy the link to the endless file and play it using "open network stream" in VLC.
looking at the screenshots it seems that it is missreading the type and is showing them as "other", that shouldn't stopp it getting channel names but will stop it from mapping anything watchable. I'm guessing that the majority of us are from europe using this. the only way this can be fixed quicker is possably going on irc and offering them access to your device to debug the problem.
(Gary The Brown.)

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