Win NPVR on XBMC 11
Dear all,

Currently I'm running XBMC 11 (I intend to switch to Frodo after the official release)
I installed Next PVR which is working fine
Now I want to use XBMC as a backend for my Next PVR.
I followed this link but I get stucked

When I go to my add-on manager there is no PVR client listed
"Download the NextPVR client add-on through the add-on manager in XBMC: Settings -> Add-ons -> Get add-ons -> -> PVR Clients "

So I downloaded the addon from

Since this webstie explicitily says that it only can be used with XBMC 12, I'm very reluctant to install this addon.

Can any of you help me out how to install next PVR in my XBMC

As you can read on the first page of the PVR Wiki:
Quote:As of v12 (Frodo), XBMC features live TV and video recording (DVR/PVR) abilities.
So you will need a Frodo Alpha/Beta/Nightly for PVR to work. Smile
You can use the X-NEWA plugin with NextPVR until you upgrade. It provides LiveTV, an EPG, scheduling, full timeshifting and a recordings interface via a python plugin Heres a live tv demo

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