[CLOSED] Is it possible to store the media library on an external drive?
I am currently running v11.0, with all my media on an unRAID server. I would like to build a new HTPC for my parents. They will not have access to my unRAID server nor will they have any massive storage locally. I would like to give them movies on a 1 TB external drives (with the correct folder structures from my library) that they can watch and then delete till I copy additional movies on the external drive. So my questions:

1. Is it possible to have all your media on an external drive which will change frequently? I understand that I may have to re-start XBMC so it will browse the media location and populate the new movies. Hopefully it will also delete all the old / missing / invalid entries from the library automatically.

2. Does it make more sense to have an internal drive and then copy the media from the external drive every time there is new movies? I would like be deleting the old movies as soon as they have been watched.

Thanks for all the help. And Happy Thanksgiving!
1. Yes. Just don't clean the library without a drive attached.
2. If you are not missing the drive for yourself they might as well use it.

Option 3. Give your unraid a static IP, move your p0rn and give them access over interwebz.

-edit- Yeah. Though you need the clean library option selected. To clean after scan, if you want the old removed.
Or select clean library by hand after you added them. So there is no accidental cleaning when they boot without a drive.
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MassIV, thanks for your reply.

I would love to go with option 3 but I am too paranoid that someone would go and delete all my stuff.

So just to be clear:
1. I add a 2 TB internal drive that will host the library.
2. Once the movie has been watched, it can be deleted from the library.
3. When adding new movies, I can put it on an external drive, take it over, and then just move the movies over to the internal drive. Assuming that XBMC is NOT running during the movie copy process, I just need to relaunch XBMC at which time the new movies will be imported into the library and old movies will be deleted.

Did I get it right? Thanks for the help again.
Instead of restarting XBMC you can navigate to movies, bring up the context menu (c by default) and select update library. This will rescan the library and pick up anything new you have added
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[CLOSED] Is it possible to store the media library on an external drive?00
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