Change Audio Output Device during Playback
Hi guys,

I lack to understand why there are two places to change the "Audio Output"

Settings/Systems/Audio Output/Audio Output (Analog, HMDI, Optical)

within the same page there are all the Audio Output Devices, but I see no way to assign a certain Devices to an Output from abouve (Analog, HDMI, Optical)

And then there is also an Audio Output if one select Audiosetting during Playback, which contains Analog, HDMI, Optical again.

There seems to be no way to assign Analog, HDMI Optical Output to there specific devices? Or am I wrong?

As I have connected a TV via HDMI and a AMP via Optical I only need a smart way to change the the Audio Output Device
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TV is video, Audio is optical (in your case) so use optical XBMC audio output shouldnt affect Video Output

A topic on similar to your question

Its not ment to be that way. Audio Output selection doesn't have anything to do with the selected device. Audio Output selection is needed for us to know which sort of bitstreaming might be available (HDMI is able to all sorts of bitstreaming, Optical only up to 5.1 encoded via stereo PCM, Analog only PCM if even possible).

So you just missunderstood the options imo.
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No,no,no... that's not quite what I meant.

@uNiversal: I'm talking Audio only. No Video Problems.

I have the following Set-Up - perhaps that explains:

I have 2 TVs connected via HDMI to my XBMC (via HDMI splitter).

One is in my Living-Room, One is in my bedroom.

In the Livingroom I also have a 5.1 Amp connected to XBMC optically.

When I'm watching Movies in my living room i want to use the Optical Audio-Output
When i'm watching Movies in my BED room i want to use the HDMI Audio-Output

Video is transmitted via HDMI in both cases.

How do I switch that the easiest way?

If as @Memphiz says The Audio Outout selection is only needed for you (?) to know which sort of bitstream might be avail, why can I select the Audio Output (HDMI/Analog/Optical) during Video Playback in the Audio Setting (not the System-Settings). What changes that setting?
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