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Davidja Offline
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Apologies if this has been answered I cant find it though. I want to try Frodo but don't want to mess up my existing version of Eden. Is there a way to have multiple installs perhaps with both reading same library?
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PatK Offline
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The library has some changes. Best to rename your XBMC install to XBMC-Eden (on a windows 7 system that would be C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC-Eden) and rename your roaming XBMC folder to XBMC-Eden (in win7 that would be C:\Users\PatK\AppData\Roaming\XBMC). Then Install Frodo... when it asks to scan for content... scan. If you have all your meta-data in operate folders, you should have Frodo up & running. Anytime you want to go back to Eden, just rename the XBMC folders to XBMC-Frodo and the delete the -Eden off your original... You'll be back to where you left off. In the same vein, you could have XBMC-1, XBMC-2, XBMC-3, etc...only limited by your memory; but the operational version must be named XBMC

Saving the watched list is an advancedsettings.xml list. A lot of skins and add-ons are not Frodo compatible yet.

windows fresh start -> delete C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Kodi First time user (wiki) Log file (wiki) Video management (wiki) Artwork (wiki) Supported hardware (wiki) Releases (wiki) Database versions (wiki) Skin features compatibility list (wiki)
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Davidja Offline
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Many thanks
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Martijn Offline
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Or run it in portable mode
See wiki

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