Loading channels from clients...Hangs
Hi I'm trying to set up my XBMC with NPVR this is my set up, this is my first attempted

Windows Server 2012 with NPVR and a Hauppage PCTV 801e
Windows 8 Pro with XBMC frodo beta 1 nightly build 11/26

The PCTV works fine on the server, I can watch TV and Record
I have installed the NextPVR build from 20th Nov with the NShared patch

when enabling live tv I get the message "PVR Manager is starting up - Loading channels from clients" sadly I get no further than this, I have left it like this for a couple of hours but it does't change.

I have also turned off both firewalls on the server and htpc just in case but this made no difference.

Am I missing something?
Did you enter the proper static IP of the server in the xbmc client configuration?

Hi Martin

Yes I have the correct IP it seems to be connecting but it just won't load the channels. I'm stumped

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