[RELEASE] ISY Events and Browser for Insteon and X10 Home Automation Control

I uploaded the logs for you. Let me know if you need anything else.

very cool! I can't wait to try this out.
Version 0.2.0 is now in the XBMC repository. This should fix most of the issues users where experiencing. If you are running into any other problems, please post them to the Google Code page. Thanks again for the support.
Awesome, thanks for all your hard work on this. I'll grab the update and check it out.
i get this msg when i start the program Error Script failed : ISYbrowser
ISY Browser v0.2.1 has been submitted to the XBMC repository and should be available shortly. This should fix the crashing that some users were experiencing after clicking Browse Nodes. If any users experience problems after updating to v0.2.1, please open an issue ticket on the google project page.
(2013-05-18, 08:37)RaNaMaster Wrote: i get this msg when i start the program Error Script failed : ISYbrowser

me also
I'm moving my HA to my newly purchased ISY and glad to see XBMC integration - thank you for making this!

One issue, likely my setup... I can trigger Programs just fine with ISY Browser but it does not work with ISY Events? I only have 2 Programs - one for Start/Resume & one for Pause/Stop. I have the Programs disabled in the ISY since I only want them to run if your XBMC addon triggers them. What am I missing?

And as usual, the new guy has suggestions Smile

Being new to ISY the instructions for setup are confusing - a new ISYer may not know what a Node # is and the ISY Browser does not make it apparent that in order to see Node # you must open Context menu on the highlighted item - or look in Properties in the ISY GUI itself. I did not know any of this until I went looking. Might want to update/clarify setup for new users either on the first post and/or wiki

To simplify things, and IMO make things more easier in several ways, is to have XBMC only report to ISY a status... ISY will store the status in a Variable (or similar) and thus, ISY can act upon a variable change.

There are several advantages to do this IMO...
1) XBMC becomes a 'dumb' node. No settings are stored, or lost, if XBMC changes/dies/etc.
2) Setting up every different event in XBMC is tedious - in ISY it is very quick and simple
3) Settings stored in XBMC are not portable - change to a new or updated ISY and everything could need to be redone in XBMC
4) Simply setting variables in ISY allows a host of new ways to use ISY Programs
5) Home Automation is really meant to have the triggers/programming/logic/etc in a central hub, not the end-nodes... so it will be conforming to defacto design standards

I hope you will consider adding this.

I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
Hey Livin, I'm really glad you are making use of the addon, err uhh trying to at least. Confused From what you wrote, everything you described seems perfect. Disabling the programs in the isy is recommended although not necessary if you leave your if clause empty. However, as you described it, it should be working. My only suggestion would be to ensure that the isy events engine addon is running and enabled in the addon manager. If it is, shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can debug it offline.

Also, I for one love feedback so, new or old, your suggestions are always well taken.

The instructions for setup are admittedly sparse/non-existent. I wholly agree that they need to be beefed up, but thus far laziness has gotten the better of me. If someone were to write an easy setup tutorial Wink it could always be included on the wiki with a major shout out.

I also like your idea of simply reporting statuses to the isy instead of executing specified actions. I agree that the implementation would be much cleaner. I have long considered the best way to do this inside of the isy's framework. I almost wish the isy had some sort of custom event handler that exposed itself through the api, but alas, it does not. The best I have come up with so far would be to have each xbmc box have its own variable prefix. Then, variables would be created on the isy, one for each event. Then when each event is raised, the variable would be changed to a 1. Whatever isy program monitors that variable should then change the value back to 0 when complete. The other option might be to have one system status variable, 1 is xbmc on and 0 is xbmc off. Then one video variable: 0 = not playing, 1 is playing, 2 is paused. One more variable for music and all the events would be handled in 3 variables and be fully exposed to the isy without any real intervention on the xbmc.

What do you think? I could implement this side by side with the current implementation so that none of my current users would have to redo their setups. Do you have any other ideas on how you would like to see something like this be done? I think I could squeeze an improvement like this in before the new year. I have to begin testing on Gotham soon anyway.
Just a quick message to all, when posting or emailing me, please please PLEASE don't write, "it crashed" or anything along those lines. It is reasonable to assume that it doesn't simply crash for me and with that level of detail, there is, alas, nothing I can do to reproduce the problem. Try as I might. (Although, spoiler alert, I'm not actually going to try). I fully appreciate that everyone has different levels of understanding when it comes to python, xbmc, and computers in general, and I really will try to help everyone I can. However, I need some baseline data.

First, make sure you include your log file. Super easy instructions on how to do that are here: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Log_file/Easy

Next, I will need to know what versions of each addon you are running. You can find this information in your addon manager. Sometimes, the solution may be as easy as updating the addons (try this first).

It may also be good to know what version of xbmc you have as well as what kind of hardware it is running in(Apple TV, linux, android, windows, or Mac)

If you include that information, it will help me help you.

Thanks again for your interest in this addon.
I should have updated you previously but work has been crazy. No clue why it was not working day 1, but I enabled then disabled the ISY Programs and it started working as expected.

As for the event handler, might be worth asking them to add it to the API.

As for Variables, I would suggest labeling with IP Address so there is no confusion. Also a single variable, per IP, for each...

App: on / off
State: playing video / paused video / etc
Time of last change: day & time
Previous State:

... I suggest using the text of the status, not binary value, as binary values are difficult to remember, and not human readable in 'control panels' etc.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.

I can sympathize with work being crazy. I'm glad everything started working.

I could label by either IP address, machine name, or a custom string. I'm thinking a custom string that defaults to the machine name would be easiest. IP address would open issues to people not using static IPs.

Also, the ISY, unfortunately, only handles integers as variable values. No strings and no dates. I do like the idea of storing the previous state, however. I will definitely consider a clean way to do this. The ISY will store when the variable was last changed automatically, but unfortunately, you cannot use this in your programs.
I just got the is, and while I like the Programs section I'm finding there are lot of big gaps and things just not thought out well... I'll add variables to that list

Thanks for looking at this feature. Maybe a module on the isy can translate the variables into something usable
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
(2013-12-17, 19:21)rmk1139 Wrote: ... The ISY will store when the variable was last changed automatically, but unfortunately, you cannot use this in your programs.

from the wiki page, looks like we can get time/date?



For the following command related to variables, =

1 = Integer
2 = State

Sets the initial value of variable at ISY startup

Sets a variable given by var-id

Retrieves a variable given by var-id

Retrieves all variables of the given type

Schema :

<var id="<var-id>" type ="<var-type>">
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
Just got the ISY and this plugin and it looks really cool. A couple of questions..

1) Is there any way you could do key mappings instead of events? I'd like to map keys on my remote to turn off lights manually instead of a xbmc event. Do you guys really turn up the lights each time a video pauses or stops?

2) What about keeping a dictionary of name-address mappings for people to put in via menu instead of having to type in the address manually? I assume you already have the mapping in the browse section.

Thanks for the cool program.

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