how to have a nice startup intro movie when you open xbmc
The thread on this addon is here:

here's what i did to get it working in quartz in case anyone wants to do it.

1. add the line into your advanced settings file as described in the addon thread linked above
2. instal the addon (it doesnt work but by installing it you get 5 intro movies downloaded to your computer)
3. edit the home.xml file that is in the 1080i flder inside the quartz skin folder
4. i added in the line (from the addon thread linked above) and i had to remove a couple lines that referred to watchlist. so this is what the first 20ish lines of my file look like now:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<window id="0">
  <defaultcontrol always="true">8998</defaultcontrol>
<onload condition="Window.Previous(startup)">XBMC.PlayMedia(special://skin/smokeintro.mp4)</onload>
    <control type="button" id="8998" description="Fix ATV1 focus bug">
    <control type="group" description="Furniture">
      <control type="image" description="Stage">

5. I then needed to put a movie file in the right place and with the right name that is now newly referenced in the home.xml file as see above. ie i had to make sure that a file called smokeintro.mp4 is in the root of the quartz skin folder.
6. open xbmc and see if it worked.

maybe everyone knows how to do this already but i couldt find any info on getting intro movies working in quartz so thought i'd post anyway Smile

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how to have a nice startup intro movie when you open xbmc0
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