Do I need to install NextPVR or is included in Frodo?
I'm just digging into this XBMC and I'm a little confused. Do I need do install XBMC first and then install Nextpvr via download. Or do I just install XBMC and then install the add-on....or both? I'm coming from a WMC with xbox's (with playon) where they made it very simple. Now going to XBMC it looks like I have to use my brain again. Please help.

This page seems helpful but says to download the NextPVR as well as the XBMC frodo beta 2 build. Maybe that's what needs to be done. Please confirm or point me in the right direction.
#2 - your best bet. follow the instructions and you will be up and running in 10-15 minutes.
I've just migrated to XBMC and have installed nPVR - its quite straight forward, and if you do get stuck there is a dedicated nPVR forum too.

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Do I need to install NextPVR or is included in Frodo?00