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Hi guys. I'm sorry if this is something that has been posted before, but I'm hoping somebody here can help me.

Basically, my scraper isn't working as it should and I can't figure out why. Some movies are OK, some are not scraped at all and some are showing like a 'still' from the movie, instead of the usual thumbnail.
See screenshot below which identifies all 3 and shows the problem...


I've tried removing & re-adding the source, no joy :/. The source is all just the movie files, no folders or subfolders.

I'm not sure what you need from me, but I can tell you I'm using a Revo with XBMC/OpenElec and The Aeon Flux skin.

Can anyone help please? it's driving me crazy. Let me know if you need anything more from me.

Have you read the following wiki articles on how to define media sources and name media files so they can be correctly scanned into the library?

The file naming aspect is the most important. From your screenshot above, it seems at least one of your movies has a bunch of extraneous text in the filename that could cause the scraper to become confused. Simplify the filename by just using the title and, if necessary, the release year. This will greatly improve the chances of the scraper finding the correct movie. Sometimes, it may be necessary to visit the site itself via a web browser to see exactly how a movie is named there so you can rename your problematic movie file accordingly. Also, if you are using the IMDB scraper, you may want to switch to the TMDB or Universal Scraper for now (until IMDB is fixed).

If there's no poster found for a movie (or movie itself can't be found), it will display an image extracted from the video file itself.
Thanks for your response atrafael. It has always been fine in the past with the same library, which is what I find weird. It's interesting tough that you say the IMDB scraper is broken - I did not know this! I'll definitely try another.

Also, there's another problem now which may need a separate thread, however when I try to manually update OpenElec (it won't automatically for some reason), I copy the 4 new KERNEL, KERNEL.md5, SYSTEM and SYSTEM.md5 files into the Update share on the box, and I get "computed checksums does not match ... booting normally in 30 secs"on boot up... Not sure how to tackle that issue either!

Thank you for your help.
Yes, the IMDB scraper is currently broken.
Yes, start a new thread for the new topic in the "Linux and Live Support" subforum
Just FYI atrafael, it definitely was IMDB being screwy. I've rescraped using TMDB and it's done it all fine - phew! It seems just as good as IMDB as well... :/
Glad to hear that took care of your issue!

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