WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
^^ Thanks. I edited the elupus source code and with the help of 'script.custom.3dmodexbmc-master' by jaaps I'm now able to autostwitch gui on playback and stop. Also it will start xbmc in normal mode even if you close xbmc in stereoscopic mode. The trick is to call xbmc.executebuiltin("Action(3dmodeoff)") when xbmc starts using autoexec.py. I want to add this also to the script.custom.3dmodexbmc-master in the init section, but it is showing error.

The script.custom.3dmodexbmc-master I'm using is

import xbmc,re

class MyPlayer(xbmc.Player) :
    def _init_ (self):

    def onPlayBackStarted(self):
        if xbmc.Player().isPlayingVideo():
            currentPlayingFile = xbmc.Player().getPlayingFile()
            if re.search(r'3D Movies', currentPlayingFile, re.I):
                if re.search(r'3D.OU', currentPlayingFile, re.I):
                    response = xbmc.executebuiltin("Action(3dmodetab)")
                if re.search(r'3D.SBS', currentPlayingFile, re.I):
                    response = xbmc.executebuiltin("Action(3dmodesbs)")
    def onPlayBackEnded(self):
        response = xbmc.executebuiltin("Action(3dmodeoff)")

    def onPlayBackStopped(self):
        response = xbmc.executebuiltin("Action(3dmodeoff)")


I want to remove the line ' if re.search(r'3D Movies', currentPlayingFile, re.I): ' but it throws an error if I remove it. Can you suggest what is wrong with it? The movies should be in a folder containing '3D Movies' if using this line which I don't want.


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