WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2013-05-25, 14:23)plesken Wrote: @Hasu0bs - you don't need 3D, and you have written that most people don't have 3D, but I think the XBMC as the best of media center, should add this functionality.
I agree with proposition of enable/disable 3D settings, and set it up disable as default. The keyboard use is too primitive.
Don't get me wrong. i would love to see 3D in XBMC, I just don't see the need of populating the xbmc settings with options most users won't need. Thats exactly the purpose of advancedsettings.xml

(2013-05-25, 14:46)plesken Wrote:
(2013-05-25, 14:24)elupus Wrote: i pushed an updated branch a few minutes ago. fixed a bug with matroska internal 3d tag detection. you may want to rebase. It is also based on the code that will go into xbmc when we merge buffered rendering.

@elupus - this is a amazing news. I will recompile and test it soon Smile. Did you think to add switch 3d signal from SBS/OU to 3D frame pack? Bino realized it by change resolution of X server. I have no idea how to do it. The OMXPlayer and RPi based on broadcam "x server" so it is possible. I think this option is very desired, because the "full" sbs/ou movies will be display with full resolution and quality.
Next example are two videos muxed in matroska (L & R), or separate files of movie (file L, file R). Bino play it very well, that's why this functionality is needed in XBMC. I suggest to look how bino works, and add most functions to XBMC.

very much agreed! Frame-Pack mode is the way to go :-)

(2013-05-25, 19:15)sialivi Wrote: The MVC streams are still decoded into a Frame Packed SBS or OU format though, but it's slightly different from the Full-SBS/OU people are used to: The HDMI 1.4 spec requires there to be a 45 pixel blank space between the two frames. Also, only the OU version of the Frame Packed format is mandatory in the HDMI 1.4 spec, the SBS version is optional.

This is the way blu rays are sent from bluray player to the TV, not how they are saved on the disc itself...

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