WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2013-06-08, 09:57)baijuxavior Wrote: 1. When gui switches at playback start or stop, the notification message is blank. Infact at playstop the blank message appears twice. This problem was there earlier too. This blank message is not from the QueueNotification in stereoscopic manager .
should be fixed in latest version. Was related to the skin reload which is not done anymore

(2013-06-08, 09:57)baijuxavior Wrote: 2. A dedicated dialog window for stereomode selection and playback choice query will be nice. The current dialog window size is too large.
Yes and No. Not a dedicated dialog is needed but rather a way for skins to change the style of a dialog depending on context/the contained content. I'd also like it to show thumbnails of the stereo modes. But that's some future improvement.

(2013-06-08, 09:57)baijuxavior Wrote: 3. We should be able to toggle the stereomode selection window on pressing the shortcut - on first press the window is displayed and on next press the window should be closed . At present we have to press 'Esc' to close the window.
not sure what you mean. In the GUI, or the keyboard shortcut? If it's not auto closing after selection something's wrong.

(2013-06-08, 09:57)baijuxavior Wrote: 4. If possible add the 3D OSD menu for Aeon Nox skin.
the Aeon Nox guys have to do this

(2013-06-08, 09:57)baijuxavior Wrote: 5. The 3D OSD menu can be made visible always if stereoscopic support is enabled. This way user can bring up the osd menu and select appropriate 3d mode , if the movie has no auto detection tags.
people should rather fix their movies Wink Personally I don't want to add clutter to the GUI if it's of no use - so I don't want it to be visible all the time. But if this buttons are shown or not is totally up to the skins. Maybe we add a skin setting to confluence to change that - but for now I'd like to keep it as is.

(2013-06-08, 09:57)baijuxavior Wrote: 6. You can use the subtitle depth code I used. It functions only for SBS view though. In O/U mode the subtitle depth is not working.
If it's partly broken we shouldn't add it as it will only cause tons of bug reports.

(2013-06-08, 13:47)giaur Wrote: Is keymap for switch between 3d modes not supported anymore? I have file 3d.xml in directory lib/xbmc/system/keymaps/ with following content:
the name changed. Also there are different options now:
- stereomode (triggers a select dialog for quick stereomode switch)
- nextstereomode
- previousstereomode
- togglestereomode (switch on/off)
- stereomodetomono (toggles between 3D and 2D rendering of the video)

(2013-06-08, 13:47)giaur Wrote: So this is my little summary after testing latest 3d:
- live tv doesn't work anymore, here is the thread for this: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=166711 (maybe it's not 3d related, probably pvr it's entirely broken in xbmc 13)
- keymap for change 3d mode from keyboard doesn't work anymore (as mentioned above)
- xbmc crhashes immediatelly after switching to 3d mode (autodetecting), this is xbmc crash log: http://pastebin.com/GVmXdqmG

I don't want to test more, because in any case - I don't want xbmc without live tv support. But it seems there is a lot of work remaining to do. I mean this sources: https://github.com/da-anda/xbmc/tree/3d compiled hour ago.

After disabling vaapi no more crashes, but:
- interlaced mode doesn't work
- over under mode result:

1) liveTV issues are not related to this
2) keymap names changed, see above
3) this is fixed in latest version. Point is, VAAPI/VDPAU doesn't support HW decoding for videos > 1080p and you most likely watched a FULL-SBS/TAB video
4) don't have linux, can't tell
5) over/under issue should be skin related - try Confluence and report if you experience the same issue - if not, bug skin maintainer. Or, add proper SBS/TAB flags to your movies filename or add the according MKV meta tags.

btw - official PR has been created: PR2848

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