WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2013-06-08, 16:18)da-anda Wrote:
(2013-06-08, 09:57)baijuxavior Wrote: 2. A dedicated dialog window for stereomode selection and playback choice query will be nice. The current dialog window size is too large.
Yes and No. Not a dedicated dialog is needed but rather a way for skins to change the style of a dialog depending on context/the contained content. I'd also like it to show thumbnails of the stereo modes. But that's some future improvement.

Resizing of dialog menu depending on content will be enough.

(2013-06-08, 16:18)da-anda Wrote:
(2013-06-08, 09:57)baijuxavior Wrote: 3. We should be able to toggle the stereomode selection window on pressing the shortcut - on first press the window is displayed and on next press the window should be closed . At present we have to press 'Esc' to close the window.

not sure what you mean. In the GUI, or the keyboard shortcut? If it's not auto closing after selection something's wrong.

I mean shortcut key like <y>stereomode</y>. Pressing y the first time will show the menu, pressing y again (I don't wan't to select anything, so close it using the same button) will reload the menu rather than closing it. A toggle effect is useful for remote control use as I don't have to press 'Esc' to close it. This is again a problem with dialog menu and not with your code.

(2013-06-08, 16:18)da-anda Wrote:
(2013-06-08, 09:57)baijuxavior Wrote: 4. If possible add the 3D OSD menu for Aeon Nox skin.

the Aeon Nox guys have to do this

I figured it out. Only problem is getting a matching 3D icon.

(2013-06-08, 16:18)da-anda Wrote:
(2013-06-08, 09:57)baijuxavior Wrote: 6. You can use the subtitle depth code I used. It functions only for SBS view though. In O/U mode the subtitle depth is not working.
If it's partly broken we shouldn't add it as it will only cause tons of bug reports.

I would like you to have a look into the code to know what causes the problem. It is based on 3d branch by 'andresi'.

(2013-06-08, 15:59)giaur Wrote: What about my screenshot? Movie is displayed incorrectly. Do you have any idea why? Interlaced option has no effect also.
Quote:5) over/under issue should be skin related - try Confluence and report if you experience the same issue - if not, bug skin maintainer. Or, add proper SBS/TAB flags to your movies filename or add the according MKV meta tags.

This happens when you are playing an o/u movie which has no o/u detection tag and the gui is already in o/u mode or switched to o/u mode manually.

The bug is not skin related but has to do with the default switch at line 613 in xbmc\cores\VideoRenderers\BaseRenderer.cpp where SBS is selected as default if autodetection fails.

      /* assume SBS if nothing reported and we are doing 3d rendering */
      if     (stereo_view == RENDER_STEREO_VIEW_LEFT)
        m_sourceRect.x2 *= 0.5f;
      else if(stereo_view == RENDER_STEREO_VIEW_RIGHT)
        m_sourceRect.x1 += m_sourceRect.x2*0.5f;

This should be captured depending on the current stereoscopic mode.

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