WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2013-06-09, 19:55)Cassiel Wrote: Could someone please release a 12.2 win 3d build with pvr addons? Thanks Smile
Not going to happen nor work - too many changes required (rendering system, ffmpeg version bump, ...). So either use a custom 3D build and wait until PVR is working again in master branch or stick with 12.2.

(2013-06-10, 05:01)baijuxavior Wrote:
(2013-06-09, 19:56)plesken Wrote: Hi

I've been testing last commit of elupus and it's working fine! I've noticed the icon of "3D" display only when the file is recognized as stereoscopic. So, what with the files (OU/SBS) from internet hosting (putlocker/hd3d...) where I can't change of name or header? I'd like to handle it on my plugin. Is it possible to switch stereoscopic mode via python script?

This I have suggested earlier. You just need to edit the settings.xml file to show the 3D icon always.
wrong - this is skin specific - so you have to change the VideoOSD.xml of Confluence and remove the "VideoPlayer.IsStereoscopic" condition on that button. I might change that though (preparing a PR for this).

plesken Wrote:@elupus - do you plan add functionality to play 3d from muxed separate files (left and right) to one mkv file, or play from two separate files (left and right)?
I've read that the problem is on send 3d frame packing to tv. I really can't help - sorry, but I wish luck, because this is really important function.
AFAIK ffmpeg has to support it - nothing we can do. But I might be wrong.

do you guys even read this thread? It's been already stated that interlaced mode is only available on linux yet (no builtin function for this in Direct3D unlike OpenGL). It's also been said that the feature to flip left/right eye is still missing.

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