WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2013-06-17, 16:28)da-anda Wrote: just played with your changes. I don't like that my preferred stereo mode is changed when I change stereo mode while no movie is playing (system mode) - my preference is still the same and shouldn't change only because I switched to a different mode (like 2D) once. Also, the dialog "change of default stereo mode" is only shown if one switches from/to STEREO_MODE_OFF and not uses any of the next/prev/toggle2d actions to cycle between modes unless you hit STEREO_MODE_OFF again (I suppose the logic is wrongly inverted here because a switch between OFF and stereo mode won't change preferred mode, but all others).

Why do you need the change the 3d mode while in GUI? I do see the point that it's somewhat reversed there. I was trying to avoid accidentally switching into a 3d mode that would be hard to leave if you don't know what you are doing (or what button you pressed). That is why it is only shown when we turn on and off stereoscopic display.

The point is, I really really really don't want many settings for this. We have too many already. We need to figure out what is absolutely required and what is not.

(2013-06-17, 16:28)da-anda Wrote: Another thing that I really don't like is the location of the videos stereo settings in the videosettings dialog, for the simple reason that there is a "make these settings default for all videos" button which makes absolutely no sense for stereo settings. So we probably will need our own stereomode dialog I guess? Sad
That is the same issue with the spinner for audio stream. It's broken in the same manner as is the interlaced handling since you would never want to set that as default for all movies. The whole logic of that button is faulty.

(2013-06-17, 16:28)da-anda Wrote: And again - "mono (2D)" is not a real stereo mode. Having it in the spinner for "preferred stereo mode" breaks the StereoToMono toggle/cAction which will switch between preferred/current stereo mode and 2D.
mono is a stereo mode. It's clearly different from none. It's a way to process a stereo movie. It's a fully valid preferred mode for a user without any 3d capable equipment. The only difference is that you will only see one of the eyes perspective, it might even be what we should set as the preferred stereoscopic mode in settings.
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